Expectations and Projects

Expectations for Reflective Memo

At the end of of our week at MGI, participants will have a working draft of a 2-3 page reflective memo on their learning over the course of MGI. The memo will state the goals that participants set for MGI, discuss the extent to which participants met those goals referring to specific evidence posted on the participants' blog, and describe the next steps in attaining the goals.

The final draft of the Reflective Memo is due July 15th to a designated facilitator on your team.

Expectations for Action Research Project

As part of the MGI experience and in line with project based learning, the MGI facilitators will assess each participant’s action research proposal. Here is the module for developing an Action Research Project and below are the significant dates and expectations we have of you and your work. The action research (AR) project can be completed by a team, group or individual.

Important Dates

Date Task
 July 1, 2016   AR Proposal Table Talk. As individuals or teams, share progress to date on an AR proposal. The AR project is the mechanism to evaluate the work developed during the Institute. The proposal should include the Abstract, Introduction and Rationale, and Implementation Plan.
 July 1st - July 15th AR Proposal Facilitation. Participants may submit drafts to their strand facilitators for comment prior to the July 15th deadline. Please email your strand facilitators if you would like feedback.
 July 15thAR Proposal DUE. Participants complete the AR proposal, including the Abstract, Introduction and Rationale, and Implementation Plan.
 July 14th – August 5thAR Proposal Evaluation. Facilitators evaluate the AR proposal.
 August 5th Grades are submitted to CU, SMC, UVM or JSC.
 Fall 2016AR Project Implementation. Participants collaboratively implement AR projects, collect and analyze data, and prepare presentations to share findings at the January, 2017 Vermont Middle Grades Conference. Facilitators monitor AR project implementation. Participants collaboratively support each other in peer groups and may request support from MGI staff via email.
 December 1st Conference Registration. Participants send a presentation title (15 words or less) and an abstract (50 words or less) to register@middlegradesinstitute.org.
 January 2017 MGC Conference. Participants present AR projects at the Vermont Middle Grades Conference.