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MGA Championship Results:  Gross Champion - Steve Hultquist; Net Champion - Randy Spear.  Congratulations!

Bill Novak is MGA President and Danny Almond is Vice President - President Elect.

Remember Tee Times are at 10AM beginning 11/5/2014.

Welcome to the Comanche Trace Men's Golf Association.  If this is your first visit, you may want to go to our home page to see what we're all about.   The rest of this page is devoted to new news, upcoming events, and other trivia.

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 To sign up for the next event, sign up in the pro shop or send an email to the pro shop by clicking here.

Upcoming Events
  • January 24, Saturday-Individual/Ringer
  • January 28, Wednesday- ABC Scramble
  • February 11, Wednesday-Partnership
  • February 28 -Saturday- Individual/ Ringer

Addressing Slow Play
    • Here are a few easy to remember tips that can help address slow play:
      • Play ready golf!  When you are ready to hit, hit!!
      • Pay attention to your playing partner's shots so if one goes in the gunch, you can help look.  If there is any question the ball may be lost, hit a provisional.
      • When you are playing with partners and your ball is not needed for the team score, PICK IT UP and take your most likely score.
      • Play ready golf!  When you are ready to hit, hit!!
      • When you park your cart near your  cart partner's ball, get out of the cart (take several clubs), walk to your ball, get the yardage, decide on a club, and be ready to hit when it is your turn.  Too often players sit in a parked cart while his partner hits, then drive 10 yards to his ball and go through the whole routine.  BE READY TO HIT WHEN IT'S YOUR TURN.
      • When leaving the green and returning to your cart, don't stand there fussing with your putter or other clubs.  Move immediately to the text tee and then put your putter away.
      • When it's someone else's turn to putt, be lining up your putt so you're almost ready to putt when it's your turn.
      • PRACTICE CONTINUOUS PUTTING.  After you hit your first putt, if you are not standing in someone else's line, PUTT IT OUT.  You don't need to rush the putt, but don't mark it and putt later.  This really adds a lot of time to a round.
      • Park your cart towards the rear of the green.  For example on 6 of Hills drive on path to rear of green.  If you park in front of green,  players have to wait longer for you to clear the green
      • Record your scores at the next tee box
      • It is not the guys who hit the most shots who are slow, it's the ones who take the most time BETWEEN shots.  Work on it.  Everyone will be happier.