MFW Upstate ENRICH is the fruit of a vision. ENRICH is a co-op where families who are studying the same My Father’s World (MFW) curriculum levels at home can come and learn together. Our desire is to work together to ENRICH our children’s education by helping each other in areas we can be weak in, or simply in doing projects together that are more fun with a group. Moms work together to plan activities for the year. Typically, the focus is on focus on art projects, music and science experiments.

ENRICH also wants to provide service opportunities for our families so that we can ENRICH the lives of those in our community, exposing our children to the needs of those around us.


  • Moms work together to provide group experiences for children
  • Field trips
  • Service opportunities
  • Students will have an opportunity to participate in our Christmas and Spring Showcases
LOCATION, DATES, AND TIME:  Same vision, different venue.  Please view the structural changes letter from our director regarding changes going forward.

"...our first meeting went great! I love the new in-home groups! We had the ability to let the kids go and play in [child's] room while the moms set up. Plus, they could go and play in between our activities. We sat in a circle on the floor and had show and tell time, before moving to the kitchen table to do our craft project of making wigwams and teepees. Then, we all sat on the floor, and Shannon read to them a book of South Carolina history, and we played a match game of SC symbols. We did our science experiment with air; they made air rockets with straws and blew up balloons.  Also, we discussed our next month's meeting while the kids played! Our group of kids got along really well, and it has been fun to get to know each of the families. I just wanted to reassure you that this was a blessing and has worked out to be different but in a very good way! It was much more comfortable to sit on Shannon's sofa and floor and have the use of her kitchen for snack. Plus, next month with it being in someone's home, we are free to make bread and butter!  Thanks"   Lisa, Adventures Home Group, September 2011