Nemo is a desktop Java application that is useful for indexing the names of files in a directory or on a hard drive.  It only stores the filenames and the file attributes, not the contents of the files, so it's not a replacement for a desktop search application.  Instead, Nemo is intended as a very lightweight solution for looking for a file when you know its name but not its location.  The user can set up repositories (directories or drives) and then type in portions of a file name, and the software will display any search results.  The user can also browse any indexed directory without being connected to the drive or folder (useful when the repository is for a remote set of folders).  Here is the main screenshot:

This is the main screen, and gives the following options for searching:
  • Match only on directories or filenames or both
  • Search only the selected repositories (on the Folders tab) or all repositories
  • Match on a portion of the filename (Contains), multiple portions of the filename (Contains All), with the ? and * wildcards (Wildcard), similar sounding (Sounds Like), fuzzy match via the Levenshtein distance (Similar), or with regular expressions (Regex)
  • Match on the case of the filename or directory name
  • Limit the search results
The search results table makes extensive use of the right mouse button.  This can be used to open the file or directory, view a file as text or hex, and copy either the filename, full path or the file itself to the clipboard.

Below is a screenshot of a directory (and its contents) that has been indexed with Nemo.  This is generated by the indexed data, so it does not require access to the folder when browsing.  The directory contents have the same right-click options as the search results entries described above.

Below is a screenshot of the Folders tab, listing the indexed repositories.  Each repository must have a unique label.  To delete or refresh a repository, right-click on its entry in the table.

This application is based off the excellent Cathy, from Robert Vasicek.  "Nemo" is an abbreviation for "Finding Nemo", since it's all about finding things you've lost.

Nemo requires Java 5 to build and execute.

There is currently no help file, but there is tooltip text for most of the controls, so the interface should be easy to understand.

The application is available here (115K). To run it, just download the file and either double-click the file (from an Explorer window) or enter the command "java -jar nemo.jar" (from a command prompt).  Browsing a directory (the "..." button on the Folders tab) requires the l2fprod-common-directorychooser.jar file in the same directory as nemo.jar (see next paragraph).

The only dependency for this project is a Directory Chooser library from L2FProd.  That code is copyright

The source code, directory-chooser library and Ant build script can be downloaded from the Subversion repository on Assembla.  The source code is released under the MIT license, with the exception of the directory-chooser library.

Michael Wallace,
Mar 26, 2010, 6:49 AM