Jude is a desktop Java application useful for seeing the UIDefaults keys and values for a Java look and feel; this can be helpful with Swing programming.  The name of the software is an acronym for Java User-Interface Defaults Explorer.   Jude will also list the system properties.  Here are two screenshots:

In the first screenshot, clicking on the "L&F" button will display a popup menu listing the installed look and feels.  Choosing a new L&F will update the table data on that page.  Users can also add additional L&Fs to Jude with the following method:

  1. In the directory containing jude.jar, create a subdirectory called .themes
  2. In .themes, put any L&F JAR files and a text file called themes.txt
  3. Each line in themes.txt should be the name of the class in an L&F JAR (from step 2) that extends the javax.swing.LookAndFeel class
  4. Start Jude
For example, to include the Napkin L&F in the list of installed L&Fs, the themes.txt file would contain the line "net.sourceforge.napkinlaf.NapkinLookAndFeel" (no quotes).  The .themes directory would include the file napkinlaf.jar from the Napkin Look and Feel web site.  Each line of themes.txt can either contain a class name or start with the "#" symbol, meaning it's a comment and should be ignored by the parser.

The application requires Java 5 to build and execute.

There is currently no help file, but there is tooltip text for most of the controls, so the interface should be easy to understand.

The application is available here (44K). To run, just download the file and either double-click the file (from an Explorer window) or enter the command "java -jar jude.jar" (from a command prompt).

The source code and Ant build script can be downloaded from the Subversion repository on Assembla.

The source code is released under the MIT license.

Michael Wallace,
Feb 28, 2010, 1:20 PM