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Interesting keyboarding/letter facts:

  • Skepticisms is the longest word that alternates hands when typing
  • The sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog." uses every letter of the alphabet
  • The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is "uncopyrightable"
  • the only 10 letter word that you can type with only the top row of the keyboard is 'typewriter'
  • on average a secretary's left hand does 56% of the typing
  • the longest word that can be typed using only the right hand (with proper typing form) are 'lollipop' & 'monopoly'

Alpha Munchies

Dance Mat Typing

Typing Karaoke



Here you're pitted against other live players in a competitively paced race. The faster you type, the faster your car goes. High accuracy and speeds win you cool cars, titles, and other prizes. This game is so good, we host it on its own site. It's a great one for students who already know how to type and are now focusing on their speed.

Type Toss

Just like an ol' fashioned carnival game, type to knock out the targets as they move. Though this can be played at any level, this one is great for advanced students because it is a real speed challenge.


How many blocks can you stack?

Typing Bubbles Game

Your target is to burst the rising bubbles by pressing the character shown in them. The more bubbles you burst, the better score your score. 

In this typing game, you have to type fast to pop the balloons as they rise. Though this focuses on typing one letter at a time, we like this one for intermediate students to give them practice with typing punctuation marks and numbers.
Another great typing game for beginners, as you start with one letter at a time, in this game you press keys to zap the dinosaurs that are chasing you.

Type the word or group of letters above the cars. Only cars in the middle of the road can hit you. Use the spacebar to jump. Look for repair trucks for car health and jumper trucks to jump more.

Keyboard Triathlon

3 Timed events test your knowledge of the keyboard. Are you up to the challenge? Keyboard ID, Character ID, and the Speed Test all challenge your skills. Hint: The beginner level is vastly different from the advanced level. The advanced is much harder, but you will be rewarded more points for correct answers in the advanced level. Good luck!

Type a letter to help the monkey climb up. This game helps students practice uppercase vs. lowercase letters. Accuracy is EXTRA important in this one because missing just one letter knocks the monkey all the way down...meaning you have to start ALL over again.

Meteor Typing Blast

Meteors and UFOs are coming at your ship from every direction. The meteors fly in random directions, and when they get hit, they break into 2 more meteors. Hint: Use your shield (space key) to protect yourself from the metors and ufos. Be careful of blowing up a large meteor too close to your ship, it may break into smaller ones that fly right at you.

Spacebar Invaders

These wiggly creatures are on the move. Type the words underneath the invaders before they reach the bottom of the game. Hint: These little critters work in unison. Typing away an entire column will keep them from reaching the sides of the screen and they won't progress downward.
 Type the letters or numbers on the falling books before the reach the bottom of the screen.
In this typing game, you try to type words as they float by on bubbles. The goal is to type the word on the bubble before it pops. It gets increasingly harder as bubbles float up and speed up.

The Frogs are Off their Diet

We never knew frogs were so hungry. But they have promised to stick to their diet, and they need your help. Type the words before they reach the frogs. Hint: Just because a word looks like it is going to run into the frog does not mean that the frog will eat it. The word must be in range of the frog's tongue.


Outerspace Space Commander

Guiding aliens through the galaxy has never been more of a challenge! Flying words from space are stopping your mission. Type the words before they run into one of your ships. Words with multipliers above them earn more points. Hint: The center ship is closest to the words, so if you have to let one get hit, let the center ship get hit.

Your base is being attacked by words.  Shoot down the paratroopers by spelling the words that they form.Detonate the bomb by correctly guessing the password before it hits your base. Try to survive all five levels.

Save the world by typing the corresponding letters on each missile before they reach the target.

Save the Sailboat

Using a falling letters theme, sailboats are quickly moving through the water and your job is to type the letters before they hit the sailboats. Here's a hint: When you have lost most of the sailboats, and the letters are falling at too fast a rate, only type the letters of the words that will run into the remaining sailboats, not all the letters. 

Type, Type Revolution

Dance, dance revolution, but for typing. This one is tough.

Be sure your headphones are on....this is best when you have the sound!
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