Extra Time???

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Brain Teasers/Brain Games
Optical Illusions
Computer Coding:
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  • Healthy Body - keep Sammi & LT healthy before time runs out
  • Disease Detective - Play the role of budding epidemiologist who has been called to a popular national park in the American Southwest to investigate a disease outbreak. 
History/Social Studies
  • Mission USA
    • a revolutionary way to learn history
  • Histography
    • Histography an impressive interactive timeline spanning today through the beginning of recorded history. The timeline is divided into fifteen categories including war, politics, discoveries, inventions, and art. To explore the timeline select one of the categories listed on the Histography website then adjust the timeline slider to see events from the range of dates that you've selected. After choosing a category and date range you can click on dots in the timeline to see pop-up boxes containing event titles, representative pictures, and a link to a Wikipedia page about the event.
    • Geography quizzes ( Take Social Studies Tests)
    • Digging America with Wilson and Ditch
    • Country Facts ( facts about countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe)
    • Place Spotting online map game
    • Sheppard Software: Geography games

Puzzle Games
Video Game Design:
  • Grow Cube ( Awesome strategy See how high you can level-up)

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