Oh! My Gun! - Kill, hit ladies to go level up!



Game Description
Puzzles and fantasy gun-play collide in Oh! My Gun!  Download this strategic level-based shooter NOW to get your hands on outrageous weapons and play through over 500 unique levels of mentally engaging puzzle-based mayhem. Entertain your brain and kill your way to victory with Oh! My Gun!

Oh! My Gun! has a singular and devilishly entertaining concept. Thrown into a world overrun with cute yet deadly demon chicks the player simply takes their post as the go-to demon slayer and uses guns, bombs, heavy objects, gravity, or any combination of these things together to ensure that every demon girl goes from being un-dead to simply dead. Once every demon is banished a level is completed and newly unlocked challenges await one level after another. 

Created as much to provide the user with challenging puzzles to solve as it was to provide pure escapist entertainment, Oh! My Gun!  gives players a very limited amount of destructive resources (bullets, bombs, etc.) and obstructed or otherwise hard to reach targets so that each shot, throw, or push, becomes a strategic decision to create as much mayhem as possible in order to banish every demon before your bombs and bullets run dry!

Developed to provide a quick gaming experience and boasting enough achievable features and levels to ensure that any engaged player has enough content to be satisfied game after game Oh! My! Gun! won’t disappoint. Everyone has problem solving skills, now use them to start a demon slaying, gun-slinging adventure today!

  1. 500 unique levels.
  2. Integrated with OpenFeint for online score-tracking.
  3. Online Player Leaderboards.
  4. Un-lockable in-game achievements.
  5. Facebook integrated.
  6. Twitter integrated.
  7. Choose customizable soundtrack from personal iPod/iPhone music library during play.


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