AutoRobot – Defend and Defeat

Game Description
Stop all intruding enemies in their tracks and protect your tower with AutoRobot – Defend and Defeat! Download this mobile defense experience now and step into the role of a combat commander, playing through 60 unique levels of strategically minded action, defeating waves of enemies efficiently and creatively enough to keep your tower intact and stop any foe from crossing the game field.


AutoRobot – Defend and Defeat is a visually vibrant mobile addition to the defense game subgenre where users take on the role of a fierce battlefield commander to defend their tower from any and all enemies. The game includes two unique modes of play, Arcade and Endless. As the titles imply, Arcade mode is structured as a finite number of levels, while Endless mode challenges the player in a game of attrition as they progress through the game without end until defeated. AutoRobot – Defend and Defeat offers users access to many unique weapons of varying caliber which can be upgraded as users progress through the game. A multitude of unique enemies and level bosses are included as well. Furthermore, a detailed help manual is offered for novices to the TD genre.


Supporting full multiplayer functionality as well, AutoRobot – Defend and Defeat offers players the choice between single player matches and heads-up matches with other live opponents via either a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.  Interactive online score tracking options from Open-Feint are included as well. With a full campaign mode as well as practical multiplayer features, AutoRobot – Defend and Defeat ensures that even the most jaded veteran of the genre will have something to smile about once they pick up this enthralling strategic adventure.


  1. 60 in-depth levels.

  2. iPhone/iPod Retina Display support.

  3. Full iOS 4 support.

  4. Near 0% battery consumption when operating in background mode.

  5. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled multiplayer capability.

  6. Multiple modes of play including: Arcade mode & Endless mode.

  7. Multiple up-gradable weapons available.

  8. Multiple unique enemies and level bosses.

  9. OpenFeint integrated for online leader-board and achievement sharing & tracking.

  10. Facebook and Twitter integrated.

  11. Full game manual for novice users.

  12. Allows users to play personal iPod/iPhone BGM.


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