A Real Heater - warm up yourself on-the-go!



Fight off the cold by turning your iPhone into a personal heater now! Download "A Real Heater" today to

warm yourself for up to two hours at a time at almost any temperature of your choosing. This app is

not built for entertainment, instead providing users with a real source of heat!


"A Real Heater" has one simple goal. Keep it’s user as warm as possible for as long as possible. This

imaginative app allows users to control their mobile device’s heating system once it is plugged in to

charge into any outlet. Once plugged in users simply utilize the app’s two rotating knobs to select

their desired temperature and the duration for which they would like to be heated.


Unlike other similarly themed applications currently on the market, "A Real Heater" is not intended to be

used for purely entertainment purposes or as a cheap mobile gimmick. Once activated, the app

enables users to actually select a maximum temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (~40 degrees

Celsius), and a maximum heating interval of two hours. Once in use, "A Real Heater" provides users

with very real and tangible yet portable personal heating solution that they can utilize however they

see fit. The application itself is designed for ease of use, employing a classic aesthetic as well as a

simple yet responsive user interface. Don’t wait, next time you’re a bit chilly simply grab your iPhone

and heat things up with "A Real Heater"!



Adjustable timing bezel  between 0 to 120 minutes. (30 minutes in Free version)

Adjustable temperature bezel  between 0 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. (40 degrees Celsius)

Produces actual heat.

Classical design

User-friendly intuitive interface.