Inserting Comments

Insert comments is a great way to insert notes for collaborators and for other viewers to see. Teachers especially love the ability to leave specific comments for the author(s) about a part of the document. You'll need to be sure your students invite you to the Document as a collaborator so you have access to it and can revise the text or leave comments on the document. Once you have access, follow these steps:

To get started, place your cursor in the place where you would like to leave a comment. Then go to Insert > Comment

Type your comment in the comment field and hit return. Your comment will appear.

Multiple collaborators or reviewers can leave comments. Each comment is stamped with a username and time, and comments can be color coded for easy user identification. Click on the comment, and a drop-down menu will appear. From it, you can color code your comment.

You can also choose to delete a comment, or insert it into your document from this box.

 When the author prints or publishes the document, they can choose to suppress the comments by choosing File > Print Setting, and unchecking the "Include Comments" box.