Formatting Styles, Table of Contents, and Bulleted Lists

From Format > Styles, you can choose the style of heading in a large document. These heading will come in handy when you are creating a Table of Contents.

Once you have all your headings and sub-headings identified, you are ready to create a Table of Contents. 

First, place your cursor where you want your Table of Contents to appear.

Then, go to Insert > Table of Contents. A screen will appear giving you a choice numbering styles. The preview box will show you how it will look in your online document and how it will look when printed. The online version provides a set of links.

If you add more headings, or would like to change the style of your Table of Contents, click on the Table of Contents, then choose the action.


You can make a bulleted list by choosing the appropriate icon to the right of the blue Link icon on the toolbar. You have limited options, but you can choose to have a numbered list or a bulleted list. To have a sub-heading under an item, use the indent icon to the right of the bulleted list icons. Note: To add a space between your bulleted items press Shift+Enter.