This website contains my Ecopsychology portfolio for Naropa University's PSYT 685 course (Ecopsychology Training). This site was created to demonstrate my understanding of ecopsychology and includes descriptions of several ecopsychology practices designed to be used with teenagers.

"Nature-based people lived every day of their lives in the wilderness. We are only beginning to grasp how such a life served the inherent expectations of the human psyche for development to full maturation and health. In nature-based people who today maintain some vestiges of their relationship to the Earth and their Earth-based cultures, we can discern a decided sense of ease with daily life, a marked sense of self and dignity, a wisdom that most of us can admire only from afar, and a lack of the addiction and abuse that have become systemic in civilization."
                                                                                                                                                    -- Chellis Glendinning, Technology, Trauma, and the Wild