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Create Constant Tempo between SMPTE locations!

first things first...

- set Logic FPS (not 25fps!!.. well probably not)

- import movie

- sync movie TC and Logic TC - here's how to do it:

    (it helps to open "giant smpte display", which looks like this:
    to open this, right click on the transport window, and select "OPEN GIANT SMPTE DISPLAY"

    let’s say....

    bar 1 = 01:02:20:10
(to get this to happen, open up “project settings>syncronization”
and where it says “bar 1 happens at SMPTE xx xx xx xx” put in the SMPTE!)

let's say you want these hits to occur on downbeats....

hit 1 = 01:02:45:02
hit 2 = 01:02:55:01
    it's always a good idea to CREATE MARKERS (without rounding)
    that way you know what you're aiming for!

        the coolest way:
                "go to" (default is / or = )
                type in the destination SMPTE
    once you're there, CREATE MARKER w/o rounding (will create it at the playhead)

    to make sure the marker stays LOCKED to SMPTE, lock it to SMPTE!
        the default key command is COMMAND + PAGE DOWN
 it should look like this:

- - -
- by now you should have an idea about a tempo (from watching the film, developing themes, etc)

- take a look and see how you can change the meter to almost hit the first hit
this is your starting point! you want to get close

in this case making m13 a 2/4 bar might get us close...

- open tempo operations window
    QUICK HINT! Can't find this freaking window? just use the keyboard shortcut!!
shift option T

- select “create constant tempo”
- make sure "continue with new Tempo" is CHECKED (it's not checked by default)

- in the first SMPTE box, type in your starting SMPTE
- unlock 2nd smpte
- in the second SMPTE box, put in hit destination SMPTE
        in this case it's 01:02:45:02

    QUICK HINT! to enter in any SMPTE position, you don't actually have to type the ":" - you can just use SPACES!
    i.e. 01 SPACE 02 SPACE 45 SPACE 02 ENTER

- in the destination bar (above the 2nd smpte box) put in destination bar
        in this case it's m14

    QUICK HINT! you can just type "14" for 14 1 1 1

- hit ENTER

- it should APPEAR that you're MARKER moved... success! 
    it didn't actually move, it's just tied to TIMECODE!

- now your downbeat of m14 should occur exactly at 01:02:45:02 !!