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Sibelius Shortcuts

(from Allison Geatches)

A, B, C, D, E, F, G = create notes at that pitch

Shift+A, B, C, D, E, F, G = create notes above the current note at that pitch (if you have an F, for example, and hit shift-A, you’ll create an A a major third above the F)

Cmd-B = create a bar at the end

Cmd-shift-B = create a bar after the currently selected bar

Opt-B = create a certain number of bars

Cmd-E = expression (note: if you hit cmd-P, F, M within this, it makes the bold dynamics letters)

Cmd-F = find

Cmd-G = move forward a note

Cmd-opt-G = go to bar (menu pops up; you can choose a number)

Cmd-shift-G = go to page (menu pops up as with go to bar)

Opt-G = selector thing, but I have no idea what it does

H = create a crescendo

Shift-H = create a decrescendo

I = instrument list

J = bent tie thing (angular slur – no idea what it’s actually called)

K = key signature

Cmd-K = create chord symbol

L = lines menu

Shift-L = toggle live playback

Cmd-L = create lyrics


Opt-shift-M = make selected bars into page

Cmd-opt-shift-M = make selected bars into system

N = create note

Cmd-N = new document

Cmd-shift-N = reset note spacing

P = play from selected note

Shift-P = view all as one giant page (toggle panorama)

Q = clef

S = add slur

T = time signature

Cmd-T = technique text

Cmd-shift-T = view transposed score/untransposed parts

Cmd-opt-shift-V = paste as cue

Cmd-shift-V = open arrange menu (you can do keyboard reductions and such from here – if you’ve not used arrange, it can be SUPER USEFUL)

X = flip stems

Y = move playback line to selection

Shift-Y = go to playback line

Cmd-Y = redo

Cmd-shift-Y = redo list

Z = symbol menu

Cmd-Z = undo

Cmd-shift-Z = undo list



Return (not enter!) = enharmonic spelling of selected note

Cmd-delete = delete selected bars completely

Opt+letters all the way to left of keyboard = fake number pad (ie, opt-z corresponds to the 1 number pad shortcut)

Any number = add note that interval above (or, shift+number – add note that interval below)

Opt-arrows = move element up or down

Spacebar = play

Cmd-[ = playback line to beginning

Cmd-] = playback line to end



Cmd-D = document setup

Shift-I = capture idea

Opt-cmd-I = ideas list (same as clicking that lightbulb thing in the toolbar)

Cmd-J = colors options

Cmd-shift-J = redo color

Cmd-shift-L = lock format

Cmd-shift-O = flexi-time options

Cmd-shift-P = reset position

Cmd-shift-U = unlock format

Cmd-opt-V = open video tab