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How to have Sibelius MIDI sent to Logic

The sounds in Sibelius are not great, I think we can all agree on that. 

1) Make sure the IAC driver is activated

2) Open Sibelius, and go to Play > Playback Devices

3) You'll see a window like this:

6) By default, there are 2 configurations- General Midi basic and enhanced. In order to use extra midi devices, you need to create a NEW configuration. 

Click NEW, name it something nice

5) On the left side, you'll see a bunch of devices - find an IAC Bus (which you hopefully created in Audio/MIDI Setup) - select it, and click ACTIVATE to add it to your new custom configuration

6) Now that you now have access to the IAC Driver from Sibelius, you need to tell Sibelius what MIDI channels to use - click on MANUAL SOUND SETS, and next to DEVICE choose "IAC DRIVER"

7) Check the box that says USE MANUAL SOUND SET
     - if the "No. channels" is less than 16, click the up arrow so there are 16! (as seen below)

8) Hit close, then you'll get this window; hit yes!   

9) It will look like nothing has changed.. that's ok! Open the MIXER (shortcut: M) and click on a DISCLOSURE TRIANGLE on one of the instruments
    - where it says (DSLMusicDevice (2))  that's the MIDI device you're currently using for that staff
     - " " " Ch. 3 is the MIDI channel on that device that Sibelius is sending MIDI to

10) Click on the DEVICE, and select the IAC Bus -

11) You should see this -

12) Now Sibelius will send MIDI from the Soprano Cornet staff to the IAC Driver IAC Bus 1, but you've got to specify through which MIDI channel to send. Click on the arrow to choose a MIDI channel

The next step is to setup the MIDI Logic is receiving from Sibelius and route it to the right instrument(s)!

The next steps are the same for Sibelius and Finale: