What Chris wants by 11:59pm today (tuesday)

posted Mar 30, 2010, 12:19 PM by Chris Beckstrom
1 Logic session, that includes
    - All your tempo information (time signatures, tempo, etc)
    - An audio bounce (aif) of your click
    - 1 stereo prelay audio file (aif) if you are using prelay
    - Make sure the sample rate is 48k!
    - Make sure to include free clicks as described on your scores and parts! (Make sure bar 1 is the first bar of music, not the pickup bar!)

Your click sound should be the EXS24 "Urei Click CB" sound
    - in File > Project Settings > Metronome ; make sure to make the velocity of the click "127" in both fields
    - the volume of your click (in the mixer or environment) should be "0" (sometimes it defaults to "+6 db
Put it on the scratch disk > Y2 > Thesis and development > Recording Session 4-1-10
Email it to me
Share a dropbox folder with me
Use yousendit.com or similar to send it to me