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From Logic to Pro Tools

So you've made a great mockup in Logic, and now you're going to record real instruments in Pro Tools!

Here's how to get from Logic to Pro Tools.


In Logic, you should have
- An audio click, that begins on beat 1 of the first bar of music (no free clicks!)
- Prelay (stereo or otherwise) that is exactly the same length as your audio click

Your session should look something like this:

Notice that bar 1 happens at 01:02:16:19, and that the two CONTIGUOUS AUDIO FILES are exactly the same length.


So that Pro Tools has the same bar numbers, time signatures, and tempo changes as your Logic session, you need to create a MIDI map in Logic.

1) Create a MIDI region the same length as your audio regions (control click and choose "create empty midi region")

2) Put some MIDI notes in this region (1 is enough- Pro Tools won't recognize it without some MIDI information in it)

3) Select the MIDI region, and "Export selection as MIDI File" (in the File menu under export, or command option E)
        Save it somewhere (dummy folders perhaps??)

4) Make sure the 2 regions in your Logic session (clicks and prelay) are continuous audio files that don't begin earlier than they appear
    Find them in the Finder so you know where they are (it might help to COLOR CODE THEM!)


First of all, don't be scared. It's easy!

If you have a template session (for instance one that the studio or engineer gave you) skip this next session.

If you're preparing the sessions from scratch, keep reading.


1) Open Pro Tools, and create a session that matches the specs of your Logic session
    i.e. 48 khz, 24 bit

2) Once your new session is loaded, open up SESSION SETUP (command numeric-keypad-2)
    this is the Pro Tools equivalent of Logic's PROJECT SETTINGS

3) Change the "Time Code Rate" to match your Logic session/video;
    Set the session start to something reasonable (some people swear by 00:00:00:00, and that's what I prefer)

FROM TEMPLATE (if you already have a template, start here!)

(when you open the template, you might get a screen like this:

This is just telling you the session was created on a system with different I/O (ins and outs) than your current one.

Hit OK

It will then ask if you want to save a report about this, and that's up to you


Once it loads, you should see a session already set up with some tracks, with inputs and outputs already set, hopefully exactly what the studio will want to use when you record.

Make sure not to change any inputs or outputs, and don't add any aux channels or anything!

4) Now you want Pro Tools to have the same time signature, tempo, and bar number information as your Logic session
    - Import MIDI (command option i)

5) Choose the MIDI tempo map you created earlier in Logic

6) For the MIDI Import Options, you definitely want to "import tempo map", and it's best to choose "SPOT" so you can tell it exactly where to put the map

7) In the Spot Dialog, put in your cue start time
        If you're using LE and don't have access to SMPTE, put it as close as possible!
        In this case, the cue should start at 01:02:16:19, so I'm going to enter as close as I can get in minutes:seconds
        That turns out to be 62 minutes and 16 seconds

8) Since your session probably starts at 00:00:00:00 (0 minutes and 0 seconds) you'll need to scroll to find your new MIDI region

Zoom in to your new MIDI region by clicking command 1, then selecting an area around your region

9) Check it out- Pro Tools imported your MIDI, and because you checked those boxes, the time changes show up as well

10) At this point, it would be helpful to delete your MIDI track so you don't have a random extra track in your session. (Don't worry, the tempo information will stay there!)

11) Now import your clicks and prelay, using the IMPORT AUDIO window (command shift i)

12) Find your files, select them, convert if necessary, then hit DONE

13) Choose a folder for your audio files

14) Pro Tools will then import your audio files, then ask you where you want to put them
    Choose REGION LIST

15) The two files will show up in the REGIONS list, to the right hand side of your screen

16) Change to SPOT mode

17) Drag the two audio files onto the existing tracks, and you'll get the SPOT DIALOG -
        Enter in the same time location as you did for the MIDI region (in this case 62 minutes and 19 seconds)

18) Now your two audio regions should begin at the right place, and work with the MIDI info you already imported. To make sure the grid is right, click on "Bars|Beats" so you can see the bars and beats grid, and double check it to you click

19) If everything looks good, you're in good shape!

You've got the TEMPO info, BAR NUMBERS, CLICKS, and PRELAY all ready to go. The tracks to which you'll be recording are already there (since you are working from a template)

The final thing is to ADD THE FREE CLICKS! That's right, that's up to YOU now!

20) Switch to GRID mode

21) Cut (break) the click track so it's cut right at the start of the second bar (in other words, you have 1 bar of click)


Hold down COMMAND OPTION CONTROL SHIFT, and click on the 1 bar of click!

Pro Tools should copy that region BACKWARDS! Now you have 1 bar free click. Repeat as necessary for the number of free clicks you need.

23) SAVE A COPY IN to make sure all your assets (files) make it together

24) Make sure to check Items to Copy- ALL AUDIO FILES

Name it something descriptive, and save it someplace that you can remember


25) In the finder, find the new session you just saved, and make sure your stuff is there!

26) To be EXTRA safe, close Pro Tools... then reopen that new session to make sure it loads correctly!