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How to sync files & folders OUTSIDE of your dropbox folder

check out this link:

to get to "THE TERMINAL" go to Utilities > Terminal and open it. It will look like the matrix, that's ok!

Basically, enter this in your terminal window:

ln -s "PATH TO FILE OUTSIDE OF DROPBOX" "PATH TO DROPBOX (which is usually ~/Dropbox)"

On my computer for instance, to sync a folder on my desktop using dropbox, I would type in:

ln -s ~/Desktop/this_file_lives_outside_dropbox ~/Dropbox

Make sure to include a single space between the two paths
"~" means "your user name"
typing ~/Desktop is exactly the same as typing /Users/chris/Desktop (when I'm logged in as "chris")

Some possible fun uses of this trick:

• Sync your Google Earth "library" between computers
(~/Library/Application Support/Google Earth)
• Sync your EXS instruments between computers
(~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments)
• and so on!