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How to edit transient markers in Logic

There a lot of reasons to want to edit transient markes in Logic... here's how!

1) First, you need a track with audio on it

2) The most efficient way is to use the SAMPLE EDITOR
    either double-click on the audio region
    OR click on SAMPLE EDITOR at the bottom of the screen

Keep in mind the SAMPLE EDITOR will show you the ENTIRE AUDIO FILE;
the part of that file the REGION is using will be highlighted (darker than the rest)

3) Click on the icon at the top of the sample editor that looks like this:

It's here: 

4) Once you click on it, Logic will ANALYZE the audio, guessing where the transients are

5) What you get will look something like this:

Chances are, Logic added TOO MANY transient markers!
(The white lines are the TRANSIENT MARKERS)

6) To delete unwanted transient markers, double click on a transient marker -


7) To correct an incorrectly-placed marker, click and drag on a transient marker

8) To add a transient marker, command-click where you want it
(by default, the PENCIL TOOL will be used if you command-click; if your settings are different, you can always choose the pencil tool manually)

KEEP IN MIND by moving transient markers, you are NOT STRETCHING OR COMPRESSING THE AUDIO!
You are simply telling Logic where the transients are...

To stretch or compress audio, check out
[tutorial not made yet]