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How to get rid of Klopfgeist and use UREI

By default, Logic uses Klopfgeist for the click sound!

That is DEFINITELY not standard, we want to use the UREI CLICK sound! Here's how to use it!

To use it, you've got to make sure you HAVE the UREI CLICK - check out this tutorial: How to Import EXS Instruments to Logic

1) Find your click track!
    - The easiest way is to hit "all" in the mixer, and look for "Klopfgeist" (instrument 256)

Here it is!

2) Replace the Klopfgeist with an EXS24!
    - click and hold to get the replace menu, select the EXS24

3) Now that you got rid of that darned Klopfgeist, open up the EXS, and choose the UREI CLICK CB (here's how to install it)

4) Success!

5) The final step is to make sure the click is UN-accented! Open Logic project settings, go to the METRONOME tab

6) Make sure BOTH velocities are 127!

7) Remember, just like any instrument on your click track (instrument 256) the click will only recieve midi and generate sound if the CLICK is activated! By default the shortcut is "C" (at least on the control station!) - hit option K to find out what your shortcut is