Wk 3 - Mixing Assignment - Round 2

posted Feb 8, 2010, 10:39 AM by Chris Beckstrom
Mix 1 crazy/funky piece 
(you can find it on the Scratch Disk: Y1>Lab (Beckstrom)>Y1 Wk 3 Funky Mix)
Make sure to copy it to your own computer/drive/etc and rename it (don't start mixing the one on the scratch disk!)
Second piece - Funky
    • be creative - not necessarily a realistic mix
    • watch out for CLIPPING!
    • give each sound a PLACE in the mix

Be prepared to defend your choices! There is no right or wrong way to mix, unless the people hiring you thing it's wrong.

Delivery: Logic Session and bounce (1 interleaved stereo AIFF audio file) to the Scratch Disk 
by 1pm Monday, February 15. 2010
                turn it into the folder Y1>Lab (Beckstrom) > Wk 3 assignments > Put your final mixes here
                name your sessions YOURNAME-FUNKYMIX
                name your audio file YOURNAME-FUNKYMIX
                (you can include version numbers at the end if you like)