Meeting Notes

November 5, 2011

- Decided (tenatively) to go with an exterior design of the fuselage frame.

- Jessica and Paul took measurement of the fuselage so they can construct a first cut at an Inventor CAD model. That will help us determine structural needs, motor sizing, etc.

- Larry reported results of his seat research. We decided to go with the Recaro Profi SPG. He also found a seller on Craigslist in Freemont.

- Sam F and Alex spec'd out the PC we'll need for the on-board computer.

- Decided to theme the exterior using gray primer + battle damage. That means we just need to prep the exterior for paint.

- Sam F figure out how to extract flight dynamics data out of FlightGear. Not sure if we can get accelerations yet.

- Decided to turn the lego prototype into a controllable scale version driven by an Arduino. That will allow us to start developing the software component to turn flight dynamics into platform controls.

Next steps:
  - Petra and Alex will call the seat seller to make sure its in good condition, then try to pick it up this week.
  - Jacobsons will try to pick up the PC parts this week.
  - Sam D. and Tony will finish prepping the interior.
  - Sam F.: see if accelerations can be extracted from FlightGear.
  - Alex: buy rotatory encoders for the scale model.

October 29, 2011

- Stripped fuselage interior

- Refined calculations for pitch motor. Best guess now is a 20hp motor for pitch.

- Got game controller working with FlightGear

- Larry gathered information about Black Rock Foundation grant. They fund interactive projects like ours. Typical funding level is between $2000 and $6000, which is perfect for us.

- Next steps:
  - Larry: write up choices of racing seats
  - Mark: bring wire wheel for stripping the paint off the outside of the fuselage
  - Sam F.: determine maximum angular velocities and accelerations for a fighter jet  in FlightGear
  - Alex and Sam F.: determine if multiple monitors can be driven in FlightGear

October 22, 2011

- Full team kick off meeting

- Discussed basic project vision

- Assigned a first cut at roles. See Roles

- Discussed "open" vs "closed" fuselage design

- Decided to purchase a fuselage and racing seat first. 
  - Rationale: a fuselage will be strong, inexpensive, and fast to obtain.
  - If the fuselage doesn't work, we can either cut it open or build a custom frame to achieve the open design.

- David recommended a "low boy" two axle boat trailer. Sounded good.
  - Estimated width of the motion platform: 5ft for pitch frame + 1 ft on each side for clearance and A frame = 7ft.

- Next steps:
  - David and Mark: purchase fuselage. David has the desired dimensions
  - Larry: research and purchase a racing seat.
  - Sam D.: continue creating CAD model, purchase joystick and throttle
  - Eric: create blog; make first post
  - Alex and Sam F.: try to create a three monitor display using FlightGear.
  - Tony: Write up first cut at motor sizing, run it by Paul and his structural engineering friend.