Meet the Makers

Team Viper: Left to right: John Boyer, Alex Jacobson, Joseph DeRose, Sam Frank, Sam DeRose.

In addition to those listed below, we've also received help from Drew Rogge at Pixar, and Akhil Madhani at Walt Disney Imagineering.

 The Jacobson Family

Alex "Bandwidth" Jacobson
Alex is a junior at The Bay School

David Jacobson

David is Senior Director of Marketing at Sybase

Petra "Enzyme" Jacobson

 The DeRose Family  
Joseph "Soundtrack" DeRose
Joseph is an 8th grader at Marin Montessori School
Sam "Pushup" DeRose
Sam is a senior at Branson

Tony "Slide rule" DeRose
Tony is a researcher at Pixar Animation Studios

Cindy "Latte" DeRose

 The Andow Family  

Larry Andow
Larry works in commercial real estate at Union Bank

Eric Andow

Eric is a senior at San Rafael High School

 The Frank Family  

Sam "Python" Frank
Sam is a junior at The Bay School

Karen Frank

Ken Callander

 The Boyer Family  

John "Gearbox" Boyer
John is a junior at The Bay School

Mark Boyer

Terry Boyer (right)

 The Cole Novak Family  

Paul Novak

Jessica Cole

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