Hand-Rocked Mezzotint Plates 

Made by the Artisans of San Miguel de Allende

As an artist, I want to use only the best materials. Under my guidance artisans of San Miguel de Allende, one of Mexico's oldest and best-known crafts centers, make hand-rocked mezzotint plates. If you have ever used hand-rocked plates, you will appreciate how much finer they are than machine-rocked plates. My plates cost only a little more than machine-rocked plates.

Here are my prices in US Dollars:                                                          

150 x 200mm - $85     

150 x 200mm - $85

100 x 150mm - $45

100 x 120mm - $35

60 x  100mm -  $18

50 x  60mm  -   $10

Shipping is extra. I ship by MexiPost, which is fast and reliable. I accept PayPal with a minimum surcharge on purchases $90USD and under. On purchases over $90USD, the surcharge will depend on the amount ordered. Alternatively, you can pay with a US check made out to Gerardo Ruiz and sent to 220 North Zapata Highway, #413A, Laredo, TX 78043

Gerardo Ruiz Maldonado