Dyatlov Pass events intro new perspective

Human nature is such as a person can’ not think an explanation regarding to a particular physical phenomenon or some event without resorting to a knowledge base with was acquired from their previously experiences. When something extraordinary it happens it should be reduced to what was experienced in some similar situations. The human being can’ not discover or invent something that's not related to his previous knowledge baggage acquired by experiencing different situations (Ref). There is an unfortunate situation, unfortunately omnipresent, when the information is taken over without the possibility to being personally checked like various cosmological theories for instance, processes inside stars – etc.  Thus in my opinion Dyatlov Pass case explanations offered were subjective, all depending on the activity and the beliefs of those who issued them. They put aside the testimonies of witnesses who have not agreed. Now in this new vision of events, which is also a subjective one, are highlighted facts considered illusory or in the best case negligible for event what I discovered on …… site.

Now from my point of view all the explanations given so far are between two extremes:

             a)     skeptics (who support the materialistic idea of facts: avalanche, hypothermia, wild animals, environmental elements)
             b)    who say that the event is related to UFO or with some kind of energies and mysterious forces (teleportation, ghosts, etc)

Between these two extremes are those pointing to Yeti, military experiments, infrasound, spying, murder and from what I know two classical cloud to ground lightning. As I mentioned explanation offered below is also a subjective one but for which there are verification methods. It is not related to mysterious forces, UFO, Yeti, etc., but neither falls into the sin of current science, that to override that inconvenient data.

The new perspective:

The nine people have perished because of an large scale electrical 

process that occurs naturally in this region which is very different

than the classical cloud-to-ground lightning and similar in some

way with corona electrical discharging or with ball lightning.


This process is not the same with electrical discharges that arise even in winter under certain conditions of snow (ref) but rather resembles to a corona discharge of high intensity or with globular (ball) lightning which occurs as a result of colossal accumulation of electrical charge in the atmosphere but especially in the ground. Thus the large accumulation of electrical charge at the mountain geographical scale are transferred only through certain favorite places (some mountain peaks and valleys). These accumulations of electrical charges are neutralized by giant electrical pulses with particular physical characteristics and that move along the electric field lines. So when the electric field at the ground surface becomes extremely large, electrical charge (electrons) is transferred to adjacent atmospheric layers forming large three-dimensional rotational structures similar with ball lightning. These structures are accelerated by the electric field for electrical neutralizing. Ball of electric charge (plasma) reaching in geographic region where land stores most electric charge of opposite sign (peaks – negative sign) it produces a brutal discharge that neutralize the two tanks of electric charge. This latest electrical spark is not punctual one with a diameter of a few centimeters (e.g. a lightning from a thunderstorm) but is produces in a much larger sea area (tens and hundreds of square meters).

First let's review what the details and testimonies of those involved suport what I said above.

                                                   Testimony 1:

Mansi legends tell of nine hunters that found their death on the Mount Kholat-Syakhyl at the time of the Flood: “died of hunger”, “cooked to death in boiling water”, “perished in some sinister flare”. Hence its name, translated as the Mountain of the Dead.



    Testimony 2:      

On the evening of February 2, another student hiking group led by Anatoli Shumkov climbed Mount Chistop.

” The tourists were already preparing for the descent, when the sullen clouds in the north suddenly flashed silver. A white spark flew upward from the depths of the valley of Otorten and floated between the mountain peaks.”

““This “thing” was flying silently and slowly from the south to the north over the ridge of the Urals. It was glowing quite brightly. The way it illuminated the hovering clouds, at the height of 2.5 to 3 km, was very strange.” – Anatoli Shumkov, leader of the group”



    Testimony 3:     

…I looked all around very carefully. The first thing that I noticed was that the snow down the slope was lower, as if melted by a high temperature.” – Vladimir Karelin, search party membe”



Testimony 4:

“Very early in the inquest, the Mansi showed Korotayev drawings* of flaming balls and an elongated body, spewing flames from its tail. It was hard to say whether it was a rocket or something else. That year, the sky over the taiga began revealing strange signs. In the outside world, the space age has arrived.”

“One night, military members of the search party had been awakened by those on duty, and witnessed an unusual phenomenon.”

 “We got up and looked at the place where the Dyatlovs’ tent had been: there were two mountain peaks there. And in complete silence, a fireball flew from one peak to the other, rotating. And when it reached the other peak and sort of hit it, there was a flash like that of welding, followed by a rumble, as if from an explosion.” – Viktor Klimenko

Another soldier reported the following:

“Gunfire could be heard there for the first few days. Some sort of explosions. God only knows. We told the Platoon commander: We’re not going to stay here. Tell Moscow to stop this bombardment. The radio operator reached Moscow, and relayed all this to them. There were explosions for about a day after that, and then, everything stopped.” – Himza Syunikayev

“There is also a recollection of a Colonel of Railway Troops, Kupriyanov, related by Mikhail Vladimirov:”

“On New Year’s Eve of 1960, all of us hikers met in the house of Colonel Kupriyanov, the father of our classmate, Rita Kupriyanova.

“The conversation turned to the dead tourists from the Polytechnic Institute once again. The Colonel told us in secret, that when all the search parties left the area of the incident, soldiers from his regiment arrived there. One night, a sergeant reports on the R/T:”  
“A fireball is rolling down the mountain. It is dividing into several balls, and all of them are heading for us. What should we do?”

“Act as is appropriate.”

“The soldiers hid in their tent and survived. However, they suffered from severe nervous shock.”



Testimony 6:

"The bodies of the remaining four, Lyudmila Dubinina, Semyon Zolotaryov, Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolle, and Alexander Kolevatov, were found in early May when the weather had improved.

It was of small wonder that the bodies had decayed significantly over these three months. However, a few things had astounded the rescue workers: gray hair, crimson-orange tanned skin, and empty eye sockets of the two bodies. Upon first seeing the cargo, the helicopter pilots refused to take the bodies on board and requested additional packaging to be provided."



Testimony 7:

“The 22-year-old Korotayev, who had been assisting during the autopsies, was struck at the weird procedure in which all those present participated:”

“There were two huge vats of alcohol in the morgue, and we got into them, into the alcohol. After this, they immediately gave Prosecutor Tempalov a free pass to a resort for recovery. The doctors said that we would become impotent.”

“The members of a government commission that arrived from Sverdlovsk and Moscow, “seemed aware of some risks associated with being in the vicinity of the corpses”, and were having a binge in the nearby village of Pershino.”

“Bathing in alcohol seems to be an extraordinary precaution but it is not entirely unheard of. It was conventional wisdom in the 1950’s that alcohol washed away radiation.”

“Crews in submarines were dispensed a cup of alcohol and a cotton swab once a week to wipe themselves down. Sailors were told that red wine removes the isotopes from the inside of the body, while alcohol washes them off of the skin.” 

“Whatever prompted Lev Ivanov toward radioactivity, for once in this otherwise slack investigation he seemed to have had a perfect guess, when he dispatched the clothes and biological samples of the victims to Sverdlovsk radiologic lab. The expertise concluded that three items of clothing were covered with radioactive dust.” 

“I remember very well that when we took off their clothes and hung them up on clotheslines, we noticed straight away that the clothes had a strange light purple hue, even though they were of different colors…” – Henrietta Churkina, an expert on fabrics.

“Curiously, all samples of the bodily tissues turned out to be clean, with one bizarre exclusion: Kolevatov’s heart.” 

“Like many other clues, these facts will be neglected by investigation. Many years would pass before prosecutor Lev Ivanov acknowledges that he had fudged the case, following an order coming from the highest ranks of the Communist hierarchy.” 



Testimony 7:

“When E. P. Maslennikov and I examined the scene in May, we found that some young pine trees at the edge of the forest had burn marks, but those marks did not have a concentric form or some other pattern. There was no epicenter. This once again confirmed that heated beams of a strong, but completely unknown, at least to us, energy, were directing their firepower toward specific objects (in this case, people), acting selectively.”



Testimony 8:

The camera “Zorkiy” the image was taken with, belonged to Yuri Krivonischenko, and was found in the tent, attached to a homemade tripod. That is, in the last moments of their stay in the tent, the “Dyatlovs” deliberately mounted the camera on the tripod, and shot some burning or glowing object…



Testimony 9:

“Moreover, Patrushev allegedly met with Dyatlov in Vizhai hotel, and tried to dissuade him from trekking out to Kholat-Syakhyl and to Otorten: the Mansi, they say, are afraid of these mountains where “flying lights” and even “gods in shining garments” used to appear.” 

“In the wake of the Incident, Patrushev and his friend, Sergei Misharin, a KGB agent, plunged into unraveling the mystery. The widow cautiously hints that Patrushev linked the events on the Mountain of the Dead with the “glowing spheres” he had seen during flights in its vicinity. In those moments, the indicator hands on the instruments would start to shake violently and the plane would lose control.” 


There is a device: DPF (Dense Plasma Focus)


An important characteristic of the dense plasma focus is that the energy density of the focused plasma is practically a constant over the whole range of machines, from sub-kilojoule machines to megajoule machines, when these machines are tuned for optimal operation. This means that a small table-top-sized plasma focus machine produces essentially the same plasma characteristics (temperature and density) as the largest plasma focus. Of course the larger machine will produce the larger volume of focused plasma with a corresponding longer lifetime and more radiation yield. Even the smallest plasma focus has essentially the same dynamic characteristics as larger machines, producing the same plasma characteristics and the same radiation products and radiation characteristics. This is due to the scalability of plasma phenomena.

Something interesting:

Penumbra of a dense plasma focus from a discharge current of 174,000 amperes. The rotational structure of the penumbra has a periodicity of 56 as shown by the 56-dot overlay pattern. - Credit A. Peratt.


The bigger difference between man made DPF an natural DPF is that in the firs case the electrical discharging is at the same scale with the machine gun and in the second case is not. It is like in the first case the machine gun will generate a small electrical spark (barely visible). For comparison if in the second case electrical discharge would be at the same scale with the mountains regions not only that she will be visible over Russia and from space but the energy release will be comparable, I believe, with an atomic bomb. For this to happen should be extraordinary process of electric charges separation which is not available on the Earth. But although in the second case the dicharging is very small compared with the natural configuration, for human beings this electrical discharge it seems enormous. If strikes you, you will feel like you will be inside a cloud-to-ground lightning, and here plasma makes the rules.   

One hypothesis about the events flow

With the deviation from established route in Dyatlov Pass the area expedition is approaching more than an unfortunate denouement. The starting point of events, from my point of view, was represented by this unintentional deviation from established route. Probably, due to blizzard expedition relied more on the compass and due to geomagnetic area particularities (westward deviation) brought the nine on the mountainside …. a place that had to avoid it (Mansi warned they). Thus we could say that nature itself caught in the trap on hikers. In the next stage they began preparing of the tent (if they leave in the forest maybe remain alive). Without realizing they stepped more into the trap by simple fact that they put the skis in vertical position. By this skis positioning “they have revealed this presence in front of electricity” creating near the tent a minimum electrical resistance between ground and atmosphere (the skis functioned as lightning conductors). After Testimony 2 A white spark flew upward from the depths of the valley of Otorten and floated between the mountain peaksIt has produced an electrical discharge in form of a plasma globe (plasmoid - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasmoid) at positive pole od DPF. I do not think we can say if it was just an electric discharge or more but we can assume that it was the one reported on group led by Anatoli Shumkov from the Mount Chistop vicinity. There possibility that this electric discharge divided and one of them has moved to Mount Kholat where was the Dyatlov group. This was possible according to the Testimony 4 A fireball is rolling down the mountain. It is dividing into several balls, and all of them are heading for us”. Traces of urine outside the tent tell us that someone saw first the plasmoid movement, taking refuge in tent and alerting the others. I think that in the first moments the nine stayed tense waiting for something to happen which unfortunately was happened. Disruptions of electrical resistance in tent area forced the plasmoid not to go to the mountaintop for neutralization but to the tent. Once with began of electric charges transfer between plasmoid from the atmosphere and ground via the skis positioned vertically the nine people are positioned right in the main channel of a large electrical discharges (corona or welding arc) which has been generated intense heat (Testimony 3- “The first thing that I noticed was that the snow down the slope was lower, as if melted by a high temperature), intense light and x and gamma type radiations. It was like you stayed in a bath of radiation where most things (for example clothing) was charged with electricity and emitted radiation in their turn. Thus the main impetus of the nine was to escape from that inferno of heat and radiation by cutting tent with knives and running downhill in the direction of the forest. This direction has been instinctively chosen, they knowing previously from where it came the plasmoid. Forest suggests that they sought shelter from a threat that came from above. Because rescue team found traces of eight or nine people that was headed to the woods supposedly, as yet, none (or at the most one) suffer injuries incompatible with life.

- The Epilogue -

“The cause of the deaths of the tourists was an elemental force that they were in no state to overcome.”

- Maybe a Big Scale Electrical Discharge -