About Build Day

Thank you very much for volunteering to help with the Mezes Park Build Day on Saturday, March 7th.  We have done a good job of getting a lot of volunteers together to make sure this day will be successful.  I'm looking forward to having you there.

Here are some basic questions that you might have regarding the Park Build Day. 

1.  Where is Mezes Park?

Mezes Park (or Tank Park) is at the corner of Warren Street and Standish Street in Redwood City.  It's within 1/2 mile of the Redwood City train station.  Just walk North on Arguello and take a left on Standish and you're there! 

2.  What's the schedule?

On Saturday, March 7th, the day should go as follows:

6:30 am - Build Captains Arrive
7:15 am - DJ and Registration Team arrive
8:00 am - Volunteers arrive and register
8:30 am - Kickoff ceremony.  Vice Mayor Howard speaking
11:30 am - 12:30 pm - Lunch in shifts
2:30 pm - Ribbon cutting and closing ceremony. Mayor Foust speaking.

While we would love to have you the entire day, I know that some of you can only make part of this time.  Please come for whatever amount of time you can.

3.  What are the jobs available?

There are jobs available for all skill levels.  Here are just a few.
  • Cement mixing team.
  • Putting together equipment.
  • Painting the bathrooms
  • Putting together benches.
  • Helping people register.
  • Helping with food.
  • Painting our mural.
  • Helping watch the kids.
We will assign you a job that fits with what you can do when you arrive.  We will have jobs for all skill levels.   

4.  Will there be food?

YES!  Many local businesses have donated food or drinks for the event.  We will have breakfast and lunch served for you.

5.  Will there be activites for the children?

YES!  We will have a children's activiites available.  The Sequoia High Key Club (as well as a few adults) will help coordinate activities among all children who come.  Children activities include:
  • Writing thank you notes.
  • Creating a banner thanking Amgen.
  • Creating our ribbon to cut for closing ceremonies.
6.  Can high school students use this for community service requirements?

YES!  Our registration team will help you with this.  However, all high school students will need to either have their parents with them, or have their parents sign a waiver.  I will send a waiver out in a separate email.

I hope this answers some of your questions.  I'll try and send this out a few more times before build day occurs.  If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to email or call.  Please visit our website at http://sites.google.com/site/mezesparkbuild for additional information.

Thank you again for volunteering.  Our neighborhood and city appreciates it.


Would you like to serve your community?  Would you like to give back to kids?  Do you not have a lot of time?  Would you like to have fun, too? If so, then please volunteer for the Mezes Park Playground Community Build. To put in the playground in a single day, we need over 150 committed volunteers.

This is a day to bring the community together to help start the revitalizing of Mezes Park. We will be building a new playground, painting, mixing concrete, moving tons and tons of mulch and doing our part to make Mezes Park a even greater place for Redwood City to gather. There will be a task for all skill levels so bring your entire family!

The day will kick off at 8:30AM and finish around 3:00PM. Plan on staying the whole day because we'll need a ton of volunteers all day, there will be food, music and activities for the kids. We will also need help with registering volunteers, serving/co
oking/donating food on Build Day. Here are the details:

Date: March 7th, 2009
Time: 8:30AM-2:30PM
Location: Mezes Park, Warren and Standish Street,
Redwood City, CA 94063 (Map)

We will also be looking for Build Captains to coordinate small groups on the day of the build and to attend additional training on Thursday, March 5th. See the link to the left for more information.

If you and your friends would like to help, please fill out the form to the right to sign up.
You can also find a Facebook event "Mezes Park Playground Build" that you can use to tell your friends.

If you live in the Centennial Neighborhod, there are several ways to connect with neighbors online about local events and issues.

Thank you again for your help.
David Amann
Interim Neighborhood Chair of Centennial Neighborhood (contact)

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