A4 Saitanyam 4

அகத்தியர் ஞானதன்யம் 51 Akattiyar Njanacaitanyam 51
Nos 31- 39
சிவயோகம் The True Sivayoga
Now begins the art of Civayoga, the technique of overcoming the worldly desires and how to maintain oneself in metaphysical purity even when the worldly desires assail one again and again.  The vision must be towards the Metaphysical Realms and remaining totally absorbed  in it,  is wrought with many problems. The Praxis recommended are both social and individual as well as techniques of regulating even the unconscious forces that bounce upon the unwary and pull them  back to the physical
இழுக்குடைய மூடர்களோடு இணங்கிடாது
    இயல்பு மிகுஞ் சுழிமுனையைக் கண்டு தேறு
பழக்கமில்லாத் தோசிகளைச் சேர்ந்திடாதே
    பாழ்குழியிலே தினம் வீழ்ந்திடாதே
முழக்கமுள்ள மாயை வந்து அதட்டிற்றானால்
    முன்னின்ற ஞானமென்ற வாளால் வெட்டு
வளப்பமுடன் அதனை நீ வெட்டாவிட்டால்
    மயக்கமுற்ற பாம்பு வந்து சீறுந்தானே
Avoiding the company and close association with  the metaphysically ignorant, entrench yourself in the  journey of Suzimunai, (the metaphysical journey  where Natham and Vintu are co-present) that contributes towards your personal development. Avoid being influenced by those who are NOT used to such practices. Avoid also enjoying daily  conjugal relationships. When the loud and boisterous worldly desires  assail and threaten you, slash it with sword of Metaphysical Illuminations. Now if you fail to slash it and kill it,  the intoxicated snake - the Kundalini of morbid sexual libido-- will arise and hiss vehemently (to kill you)
The Siddhas were not against family life  and enjoyment of sex but they were collectively against morbid sexuality that they saw also as a  killer. The worldly entanglement and violent and unruly passions by drawing the individuals towards the DARK, the ANava Malam,  leads them to  premature destruction of the body and hence death. This is also the root cause of all illusions and delusions, the Libido gone crazy  described here rather metaphorically as the intoxicated snake. The only way to subdue it is to establish oneself firmly in the LIGHT of Metaphysical Illuminations, described here as the Sword that can slash the snake.
சீறினால் சீறுதென்று இருந்தாயானால்
    சிவன்பாதங் காணும்முன்னே தேகம் போகும்
மாறினால் வாசியிரு சுடரிலேறி
    வைத்தாக்கால் இந்திரியப் பாம்பு சாகும்
கூறினாற் போகாது ஏறொட்டாது
    கூசாமலே மௌனத் தடியாற் கொல்லு
தேறுதற்கு ஞானமென்ற வலையைப் போட்டால்
    சீறுகின்ற பாம்பதுவும் அடங்கிப் போமே
Now if you are indifferent and let that snake attack you, you will see  that your body will be destroyed before you learn to witness the Dancing Feet of Siva.  Now if that snake assumes other forms, then you can dissociate  the snake of the senses (that pulls you towards the earthly) by maintaining  your breathing with the mind witnessing firmly the Metaphysical Sun and Moon. If you just say it to  yourself with mere words or just simply recite scriptures  it will NOT go away. You have to beat it violently with the staff of Deep Silence without any hesitations.  And if you cast the net of metaphysical wisdom and catch that snake with that net, it will certainly be subdued.
Here we have brief description of Kundalini Yoga or a kind of Sivayoga recommended by the Siddhas.  The Siddhas never believed in the efficacy of mere words, arid philosophical disputes , memorizing scriptural utterances and so forth. The believed in meaningful ACTION, effective PRAXIS and here we have an instance of it. One must cast the net of Metaphysical Illuminations and practice Deep Silence as a way of releasing the anma from its entanglement  with the physical and being carried away by it.  The Desires , particularly the sexual VICTIMIZES the anma and the anma has to put up a heroic struggle within to vanquish it and rise above it.
அடங்காது வலையை நீ போடாவிட்டால்
    ஐயையோ வீண் பாடுபட்டதெல்லாம்
துடங்காது மாயையினால் ஞானசோதி
    சொரூபமணி கண்டதுவும் பொய்யாப் போகும்
பலவான தொழில்களெல்லாம் பொய் என்றெண்ணி
    பார்த்தோர்க்குக் கருவதனைப் பகரக்கேளு
கலையான மௌனத்தார் மாயைதன்னைக்
    கரணமென்ற இருகண்ணாற் கட்டிக்காட்டே
Unless you cast the net of metaphysical wisdom, the morbid sexual cravings  cannot be tamed and brought under control and all the efforts in that direction will be useless.  The Radiant Divine Wisdom will not shine forth if one is caught by the magical worldly pleasures.  And even the visions that have  been gained of this Inner Light will be lost.  Those who have seen the uselessness of the worldly exertions, listen to the secrets that I am disclosing.  Practice Deep Silence by entrenching yourself in the vision of Vintu-Natham and close the fleshy two eyes  that ties you to the physical.
For any meaningful  experience of Metaphysical, the overcoming of the earthly desires the chief being that of sexual bliss should be brought under control. As long as it remains overpowering  the Willingness  and interest to go beyond the earthly will NOT  arise. For such individuals discourses on genuine metaphysics will be meaningless, something BEYOND  their understanding.
காட்டியே இருகண்ணால் காலைக்கட்டு
    காரணத்தை முக்காலால் ஏற்றிக்கொள்ளு
சூட்டுவது சுனையிரு பூவைச் சூட்டு
    சுகபோகம் என்று சிவன் நன்றாய்ச் சொன்னார்
நீட்டுவது நான் பார்த்தேன் நீயும் பாரு
    நிசம் சொன்னார் என்பேறில் சந்தோஷத்தால்
பூட்டுவது என் குருவே இப்படியே என்றார்
    புதுமைதனை இன்னதென்று உரைத்திட்டாரே.
Having shown the closing of the fleshy eyes  now control your breathing and regulate it ( in the direction of agitating the deeper reaches of the brain) Establish the Primordial Cause  within  inhaling and exhaling. Wear as the lotus flowers  of the cool ponds the Metaphysical Moon and Sun . "Living thus is real bliss"  so said  Siva Himself.  I actually experienced this and you should also experience it for yourself. Siva said the TRUTH and pleased immensely with me, this is how ( to control morbid passions) said my Guru and thus disclosed something novel to me.
Here are described some practical techniques especially that of closing the fleshy eyes which must be understood metaphorically. This does not mean sitting comfortably with the two eyes closed. What it means is  exercising CONTROL one's own desires so that the mundane matters  do not get better of oneself. While living in the physical world one's CONCERN must NEVER BE  AWAY  from the metaphysical
மந்திரங் கேட்டல் Listening to the Mantras
The Siddhas believed in EXPERIENCING FOR ONE SELF and because of this severely critical of he  emotional rhetorics that arouse wild passions and mislead individuals.  They were Hermeneuts who sought direct experiences and developed various kinds of Sadhanas that would enable them to do so. It is not an accident that Siddha literature abounds with sadhanas and their scientific analyses in terms of what kind of sadhana affords what of experience. Below are given the Sadhanas that would enable  anyone to   HEAR  Mantras and SEE the metaphysical LIGHT that are heard and  seen only dimly under normal circumstances. We must recall that the orientation to Mantras and metaphysics as having Mantrayana as its solid foundation goes back to the  PreVedic Sumerian times of Dravidian civilization. In MutarIbiyam  of Sulgi ( ~2100 B.C) we have the interesting word" su-bar-ra"  i.e. the DIVINE SOUND as the term for mantra and for which purposes the hymns are composed and sung. The singing of hymns in those days were seen as a Sathana for entering the world of Mantras, the su-bar-ra ( Ta. suvaram, suram) which has also given the word Suvarkkam, Paradise. (> Ta. para-tEsam?)
உரைத்தபடி பார்த்து நீ வருகும் போது
    ஓகோகோ நடனவொலிச் சத்தங் கேட்கும்
மறைத்திட்ட நடுமுலங் கண்டத்தூணி
    வாசிதனை ஆகாச வட்டஞ் சேரு
குறையில்லை மத்தளத்தின் ஓசை காணும்
    குற்றமில்லாத் தீபவொளி வீசும் வீசும்
திரையகற்றி நந்திவொளி வீசுங்கண்கள்
    திருவான வாசிகண்டம் ஏறுந்தானே
 When you pursue  the metaphysical journey described as above (where the worldly passions are not allowed to assail you), and aho! you will be able to hear  the sounds of the Dancing Feet of Siva.  Entrench yourself in the  region of the brain that regulates the  Vocal Cords  and which conceals  these deep sounds from reaching you ears and raise your breath to the transcendental realms . Nothing wrong with this exercise and now you will hear the drum beats (that accompanies the Dance) as well. . And  if you go  further there will be also PURE LIGHT to witness and behold. The fleshy  eyes now without  the concealing screen will glow this Divine Light and  the whole vision will arise towards the Vasi Vaddam , the Primordial Circle of  Light from which emerges all.
This is a common experience of all mystics throughout the world -- that of listening to mantras and seeing the metaphysical light that launches the soul into deepest experiences that are ever possible for individuals.  However what we have here is NOT SIMPLY verbal descriptions of it (plenty of it already there) but the SCIENCE of experiencing so that anyone interested can pursue it and experience for himself. One can REPEAT and REAFFIRM  such possibilities and see them as TRUTHS.  There is also a scientific EXPLANATION as to why under normal  circumstances such experiences remain UNACCESSED.  There are forces that block off such experiences and such  deterrents  are present in that part of  the brain that regulates the Vocal Cords. When the self is made to reach this part of the brain and made to go beyond it, these mantra sounds,   metaphorically understood as those emerging from the Dancing Feet of Siva, are made objects of direct hearing .  Going beyond that also enables the seeing the Pure LIGHT, the ArutPerunjcoothi such as that of VaLLalaar and also recorded in the mystic visions of numerous individuals throughout the world.
கண்டமெனும் புருவம் நுனி மூக்கில் ஏறும்
    கருத்துவைத்து வாசிதனைக் கபாலத்தேற்று
விண்டு நின்ற அடிமூலம் பார்க்கும்போது
    வெடிச்சத்தங் கேட்கும் மனம் ஒடுங்குமட்டும்
பண்டு சொன்ன அடிப்படையில் திறமாய் நின்று
    பரிவேகம் ஒடுங்கினால் சத்தம் போச்சு
தண்டுமுண்டு பண்ணாமல் நிமை முடாமல்
    சாதித்தால் சோதியும் இருளுமாமே
You will find  that gradually and naturally  the center of the forehead, the region of Transcendental Clarity will overcome the obstacles and begin to focus on the tip of  the nose (for assuming the posture of Patmaasanam). At this point mindful of the Transcendental Light, direct the whole of the breathing towards the head i.e. the brains (so that all the psychic energy available is used to reach the realms of the brain that remains normally unaccessed). And when you reach the bottom most layer (of the brain) you will be able to hear explosive sounds. However when you persists practicing the techniques already described till all the cognitive functioning  of the mind are inactivated and the desire to runaway away are overcome, then the mantra sounds are also transcended. Now sitting erect and without bending the spinal column that contains the brain stem and without closing the metaphysical eyes  if you persist in this journey, you will begin to see the PURE LIGHT along with the DARK (of aNava malam)
Here is described the direct witnessing of the aNava malam, that metaphysical stuff that breeds the Darkness of Ignorance in in the Understanding of self. It is there along with the LIGHT and in combat with it. The aNavam is NOT just simply a stuff  one  concludes as there and  as anaati just simply through reasoning alone. It is there as reality that can be  directly witnessed.
இருளதுவுஞ் சோதியிலே மூடிற்றானால்
    ஏதுயிரு கொள்ளியினாற் சுட்டுப் போடு
மருளில்லை ஏகமதாய் வெளிச்சமாச்சு
    மனம் அடங்க வாசியது அடங்கும் பாரு
பெருமை என்ற மோனபதம் அறிவிற் காண
    பீடுயரும் வெளி ஒளியாம்  வீட்டைப் பற்றி
அருமையென்ற வாசி சுழி ஏறுமட்டும்
    அடையிடையில் அங்கென்று அழுத்தி நில்லே
Now when the Dark envelopes this vision of PURE LIGHT, the only way is to burn that DARKNESS  with the torches of the metaphysical MOON and SUN. When you succeed in this there are no more illusions and delusions and all kinds intoxications , there is only  Empty and Vast Space that breeds ONENESS. When the mind gets  subdued so will be  the breathing. And in order to understand the full significance of the most excellent state of Being induced by Deep Silence, press all your breathing in the direction of Suzimunai (where reside Vintu and Natham ever together) and till it reaches the limits that are humanly possible.
Now is described techniques to go beyond even this realm of Light and Darkness, a realm where the Malam is in combat with Light and in which it succeeds in some cases. Going beyond this realm is reaching the Absolute Light, the ream of  ParaSakti, a Pure Emptiness, a Nothingness the experience of which breeds the feeling of ONENESS with all.
நில்லடா காற்றேறி நின்று தானால்
    நீபாரு சுழியதனை இடைக்கண்ணாலே
எல்லிபகல் அற்ற நடு மூலமாகும்
    இங்கிருந்து மேலேற ஆயி சொல்வாள்
வல்லமையாய் மனதையொட்டிச் சமாதிபாரு
    வலுவான திரோதாயி மயக்கந் தீரும்
நல்லதொரு மாணவனே உந்தனுக்காய்
    நலமாக சொல்லிவிட்டேன் ஊன்றிப்பாரே
Now if you succeed in regulating your breathing thus and reaching the higher reaches ( of  Suzimunai), you  should see everything with the  the half-closed eyes. There in the center of your vision you will be  the realm of Transcendent Light where there are no nights and days (.i.e. completely transcendent to the DARKNESS breeding aaNava malam). From this  onwards the MOTHER will direct you on how to continue the journey. And if you control you mind with all the might that you can muster  and persist in this bewildering metaphysical journey,  you will be able to finally overcome the FINAL CONCEALMENT (that is the root cause of continuous rebirth). Dear Student! Because you are a good fellow  , I have disclosed to you these secrets ( of attaining  Moksa) and hence examine them with the attention and care they richly deserve.
The Darkness that is induced by aaNava Malam is DIFFERENT from transcendental concealment, BEING hiding himself His Sorubam by  showing Himself only as the so many archetypal forms. It is only in this journey, that beyond the Malam, that under the guidance of Parasakti, this Pure Light that the concealment of BEING is overcome and the self at last begins to witness BEING as It is in Itself.
ஊணிப்பார்க்கையில் கண்ணில் வலியுண்டானால்
    உருட்டி நீ கசக்கிவிட்டு தேய்த்துக் கொள்ளு
பாணியென்ற கண்ணின்வலி போச்சு போச்சு
    பரஞானதீபவொளி காணலாச்சு
மாணிக்கக் கங்கைதனைக் குடிக்கலாச்சு
    வளமான வாசியது ஏறலாச்சு
காணிக்கு மூன்றுசுடர் காணலாச்சு
    கருணைதரும் சத்திசிவங் காட்டுவேனே
Now when you persist in seeing this Pure Light , there may be pains in your eyes because of the intense  focusing the task demands. Just rub your eyes and squeeze gently with your fingers, the pain that's called pANi will not be there anymore. You will be able to continue seeing the Transcendent Light that continuously  illuminates the mind. And furthermore with this comes the drinking of crystal clear waters of the mystic Ganga  that rejuvenates  you making your breathing firm and strong. And for the eyes to behold there is now three Lights, the Moon , the Sun and the Sun-Moon.  Next I will expound the mystery surrounding Siva-Sakti full of Love and Care for all.