Year 1  

A look at our first year together. 

Landon and Sara  


Landon and I will soon have been married for 1 year. Here is a glimpse of what our year has looked like.

Summer 07

 After our wedding we took off for our Honeymoon in Mazatlan, Mexico. We stayed there for a week before heading back to reality.

I didn't have a job until August - I spent a lot of time in my giant chair, organizing the house, writing thank you notes, and enjoying my first summer without a job or class since High School. By August, I was more ready to work than anything else!

In July, Landon did something to make me upset - I don't even remember what it was - it was nothing big. To make up for it, we drove to Chicago to eat dinner at the Chicago Firehouse. It was a Wednesday night - we drove up, ate dinner and drove home. We felt rich for a was an event to remember. Needless to say, I wasn't mad anymore. Maybe it's about time for another dinner in Chicago?

Fall 2007

The fall brought colder weather and hockey back into our lives (like that ever really left!) We celebrated Landon's birthday by having a few friends over and Tony was back in town. We continued to have bonfires and cookouts - something we love to do all year long.

Landon's Birthday

Halloween 2007

The Milkman and the Pregnant girl. Funny thing was that people actually thought I was pregnant.

Thanksgiving 2007

For Thanksgiving, we made some yummy things to take over to my Mom's house. I made homemade rolls and Landon made some peanut butter and chocolate desserts. First holiday together was a success!

Christmas and New Years 07

The weekend of Thanksgiving, we spent a lot of time getting ready for Christmas. We had a Christmas party with our friends, decorated our LIVE tree (a first for me), put up Christmas lights (who cares that they never worked and finally came down in May??), and were ready to celebrate.

We spent a few days prior to Christmas Day in Florida with my family and then flew home Christmas Eve to be with the Meyers side of the family. We had Jan and Dean come over Christmas Eve and played NHL Monopoly and ate Pizza King pizza. Christmas Day we spent in Ft Wayne with Landon's extended family.

For New Year's, Alex's girlfriend had a party that we went to. Alex left for Iraq in early January.

On our way to get our Christmas Tree!

We made it to FLORIDA!

At the Living Nativity for Florida Christmas

New Year's Eve at Jenny's!


Winter 2008 - When things could have slowed down...right

I bought Landon a tent for his birthday - but we never got to use it. We didn't want to camp in 15 degree weather, so we camped in our house. We know it's pretty lame, but we had a great time and thought it was pretty funny. So no, we do not think we are cool.


Towards the end of January, we went to Nashville with Landon's Mom and Dad. We went to go see a hockey game. Landon met Shane Doan while we were there - he's kind of a giant.



February/March 2008 

Landon and I were supposed to go to Ohio for a hockey tryout. Landon was getting a chance to play for a team in the MAHL on a one game tryout. We were all set to leave - as in my plan was to drive home and turn around to head over to Ohio as soon as Landon was off work. He called about 3:30 to tell me the game was canceled and the entire league shut down early to "reorganize."

Well, that same weekend, Landon's brother Kyle was going to get engaged in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Landon's Dad heard the game was canceled and wanted us to come down - but it was complicated to get there. I decided to "uncomplicate" things, I would pack the car before Landon got home, convince him we should to go to Anderson to eat dinner, and then tell him we were going to Alabama, especially since we already had the 2 days off work.

My plan did not work out so well. We took off driving and made it to TN about 2:30 (just south of Nashville) where my car blew the engine and the radiator. We were stuck in TN until we rented a car, drove to AL, saw Kyle and Amber get engaged, and then drove home. Dean towed my VW back from TN. 3 weeks later and with a new engine - I had my car back. So much for a quick trip to make us feel a little better about life.

On our way to Alabama - in our rented PT Cruiser. We definitely had a story to tell and what an adventure!

Our night out in Alabama - by the way, did I mention this was all over Valentine's day?? We spent our first Married Valentine's day on the side of the interstate, a little bit stranded in an Econo Lodge!  

In March Tim Morris finised our bathroom! It's AMAZING and now the floor is not rotting our beneath our feet!


Summer 2008

It is now summer again. We started with cookouts and bonfires. We got a puppy. It's wedding season again - Alexis (my college roommate) just got married. Family get-to-gethers and sunshine. The summer is already getting busy, but it's a good busy. Things are looking good and we are doing alright.

It's been a great first year. Of course, there have been difficulties and frustrations - come on, my car blew up and we remodeld our bathroom as the floor was rotting... - but it has been very good. We are excited to see where things end up in another year.