Christmas News! 

Landon and Sara  

Merry Christmas!
I can't believe it's already time for Christmas!! I woke up this morning with snow on the ground and ice on the roads. Wasn't it just yesterday that it was summertime and we were playing in the sun? I guess that's just how life goes. A lot has happened over the past year - you won't even believe it!  So let me just tell you a few highlights from the past year!
December 07 - We decorated for Christmas and bought a real tree. We put lights on the house and disregarded the fact they never did work. We spent Christmas between Florida and Indiana and New Years with friends.
February - Now what a month! You'd think our first valentine's day being married would be a nice romantic event. Oh - how much different could this event get! It started with Landon planning on going to Ohio to play in a professional level hockey game. We both took 2 days off work and were almost out the door when we got the message that the league shut down and all games were canceled. Dissappointed and not wanting to spend the 2 days off work at home - I came up with a brilliant plan. I would load up the car, tell Landon we were running to Anderson, and then drive off to meet up with his family in Alabama for a quick weekend getaway. We would be there by the next morning and home by Sunday night..Such a good plan in theory. If only we would have known that Thursday morning my car would decide to change our plans.  2:30 a.m. in 22 degree weather and in the middle of Tennessee my engine blew. I was convinced my car was going to blurst into flames - Landon says I watch too many movies. So...stuck in the middle of Tennessee without a car we were lucky there was a hotel within walking distance and we made it safe and sound. So - 1st Valentine's day was accomplished with a 2:30 emergency stay in the Econo Lodge in lovely freezing Tennessee and a dead car. Thankfully, with the help of family, we made it to Alabama and home by Sunday night and have quite the story to tell.
March - After realizing that our bathroom floor was rotting out, we remodeled! Only it turned out that the removal of the rotted part ended up being the entire bathroom....awesome! Luckily, we like having Tim Morris around. And, Landon started a new job at White River Club in Anderson - so if you are interested in personal training this winter, give him a call. (Sorry - had to throw in some free advertising there!) I think it was in March when we finally took our Christmas lights down and threw out our dying tree.
May - We bought our puppy! Our cute 5 lb puppy has now turned into our 45 lb dog. I had been talking to Landon about getting a puppy since January. He always said no. That was until we found Duke.  He jumps up on people, gets sick in the car, runs to the neighbors house, and eats anything and everything... but he's all ours and we love him!
Summer - 1 YEAR anniversary! My temp job ended with Deflecto. We refinished the kitchen with a new floor. We spent weekends enjoying the sunshine and friends. We went camping. Basically, we had a great summer.
September - Well, we were supposed to move to Michigan. 2 days before we were supposed to move, that all fell through. Luckily, Landon kept his job and I found another one rather quickly. Even better - because we found out just in time, we were not locked into a lease for the apartment. I started working at Community Hospital Anderson in Human Resources (the same thing I did at Deflecto, only now it's a real job!) We also bought a new car. It's a little bit bigger and a lot different from our Honda. The main differences are that it has a front AND back bumper, a back window, all the turn signals, headlights, and air conditioning.
November - Landon went up to Michigan to play some hockey. Well, he finally got a tooth knocked out during a hockey game. It's real pretty. He only had half the tooth broken off, but the thing was loose and so they pulled it out. Don't worry - we have pictures
December - It's Christmas again!!!
So that's where we are in life after this past year. So let's see. Blew an engine, new bathroom, new job for Landon, new puppy, almost move to MI, new job for Sara, new car, no tooth, and we are in Daleville. Quite a few changes, but things are good and we are having fun with all these crazy changes. We hope your family is doing well these holidays and have a Merry Christmas!
Sara and Landon