Watercolor Process

The following illustrates the steps used in developing these paintings:

Step 1: Explore the subject to capture the mood, desired tonal contrasts, color scheme and impact area for the proposed art work through several thumbnail sketches. Sketch the picture on watercolor paper to transfer the planned design. 140 lb. Arches cold pressed paper was used.

Step 2: Block in major shapes based upon the thumbnail sketches to color code areas consistent with the plan.






Step 3: Begin to develop the darks, contrast, depth and perspective.








Step 4: Continue to refer to the thumbnails and further develop the darks and shadows.




Step 5: Continue modeling to finalize the detail. Resist the impulse to overwork the piece.



Step 6: Sign the finished painting.


All rights to these images belong to the artist!

 To contact the artist: e-mail at meyers.lawrence@gmail.com 

"Basilica of Vezelay"