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Photo: The 5-Star Cabo Marina Fiesta Hotel Resort is a favorite stay for my dental vacation patients

Here's how to have a successful - 

By American dentist Dr. Nelson Henry Owner of Mexico Dentist Guide

Hello Friends!

I have owned 2 dental clinics in Maine for many years and prior to that I worked as a Holland America Cruise Line shipboard dentist where I had the pleasure to meet many fine Mexican dentists on our voyages. 

Over the years I have seen patients in my US clinics unable to afford major dental treatments.  Since I retired in 2015, I began my Dr. Nelson Henry's Mexico Dentist Guide and have sent 100's of patients to some of the best dentists in Mexico for treatments. 

  • But only to Board Certified Mexican Dentists 
  • Board certified dentists cost the same as non-certified dentists in Mexico. So you can afford the best!
  • You will save from 50-75%  Those are real figures!
  • I recommend top certified dentists in Los Cabos (Cabo & San Jose del Cabo), Cancun, Guadalajara, Los Algodones (Los Algos), Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana and other popular Mexican dental vacation destinations. 

Contact me today for estimates, referrals and the best dental tourism prices in Mexico. 

Just fill out the short contact form on the right panel.  We will get back to you within 24 hours or less. Skype Or Call For Free from the US & Canada (see right panel). 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Dr. Nelson Henry DMD


  1. Dental implants in Tijuana, Cabo, Los Algodones, PV
  2. Mini implant secured denture, 4 on 1, dental bridge 
  3. Oral rehabilitation - Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana
  4. Cosmetic dentistry- dental makeover - all Mexico
  5. Endodontics - Root canal, crown, veneer - all Mexico
  6. Oral surgery - Sinus lift, bone graft - Oral surgeons in Cabo, Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta, Los Algodones
  7. Panoramic x-ray - Approx. $60 in Mexico

  1. Cabo, Cabo San Luca (Los Cabos dentists)
  2. San Jose del Cabo - aka San Jose dentists  
  3. Los Algodones Dentists  -also know as Los Algos
  4. Puerto Vallarta Dentist - Affordable dental vacations
  5. Tijuana Dental Clinics  - Tijuana dentist reviews
  6. Cancun dentists - Playa Del Carmen dental clinics
  7. Guadalajara dentists, dental clinics, Ajijic -  

The Best Dentists in Mexico... 
Will Always be Board Certified Dentists. -NH

Mexico Dentist Guide -

* Prices vary in the US depending on whether a clinic is in an upscale part of town and in Mexico - whether an upscale resort community or border town. 
* The cost of dental implants in Mexico can vary with the brands selected. 
* Puerto Vallarta dental clinics are often on the lower price end of the chart as the cost of living is lower. 
* Los Algodones and Tijuana dentist prices in Mexico are some of the lowest in Mexico. Tijuana has been a major dental tourism destination for over 60 years!

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  Photo: Cabo Tesoro Hotel - A favorite Cabo dental vacation stay


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Dr. Nelson Henry says: You can save $1,000's on dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and oral restorations in Mexico. 

Just be sure your dentist is board certified and your implants won't go sideways, be put in too close together, be the right color and not be put in at all if your bone density or gum health are unsuitable. There are other options available. 

Alternatives to dental implants if you are not a suitable candidate for them. Selling dental implants is not my dentists top priority - your best interests are.

Other alternatives to dental implants are 4 on 1 (photo below) mini implant secured bridges, traditional bridges, mini implant secured dentures, traditional removable dentures and partials.  

Our recommended dentists in Mexico use only top name-brand materials such as  Straumann or Nobel  Biocare - the company which invented the dental implant. 

  • Discount dental implant clinics in Mexico often advertise dental implants for very low prices. They say their implants are titanium, FDA approved etc. (read made in China or Pakistan). And they often bait and switch. 
  • Low cost, low quality implants last only 4-8 years vs. 20 years to a lifetime for branded units. Low advertised prices often don't include the abutment, permanent crown, perio work, sinus lift or bone graft if needed.
  • Only Board Certified Dentists in Mexico practice all the American Dental Association recognized dental specialties that dental tourism patients need.  -NH 

PAYMENT INFO. Dentists in Mexico accept most major credit cards, PayPal, Amex Travelers checks, pesos, dollars, personal checks but check with a patient adviser to see your dentist in Mexico's preferences. 

My services are free to you. My dentist associates pay me a small fee out of their ad budgets for referrals. 

Payment is generally 50% to begin treatments with the balance on completion. You can bring up to $10,000 cash without declaring it through customs. Airlines provide Mexican visas good for 6 mos. in flight and you need a passport! 

Give me a call and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  If I am not in leave a message and I will get back to you asap. 

         - Nelson