Welcome To Chicano Park
By, Michelle Hernandez Bliss
                            Little School of the 400
When a restaurant customer asked Felix Tijerina for "tomato catsup," the young Mexican-American busboy didn't know what the words meant and could not read them on the side of the bottle. But he was determined to learn. His efforts that started with those two words ended up helping thousands of children all across Texas and formed a model for the national program known as Head Start.
Felix Tijerina, born in 1905, who never got the chance to go to school, saw the largest pre-school program in history successfully launched to help millions of children of all races and all languages. He died in 1965.
Head Start - Mertzon, Texas
Little School of the 400 - English instruction for children.

Chicano Park - Mexican American Studies

Felix Tijerina - Rising from busboy to waiter and then to a restaurant owner.
 Mexican Americans - Notable Mexican-Americans
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