Welcome, and thank you for visiting.   

This site is a "home-base type of thing" for a lot of the online writing that I've done in my free time, and that  is not related to any material/subjects that I write for others/on assignment.  My online writing efforts are essentially a matter of writing whatever I've felt like writing "on the side".     

My online writing is kind of a big, confusing, mix of stuff that's not easily sorted out or categorized, the way, say, writing done for hire can be or even the way "real-work" writing.  Whether done for someone else, or done as one's own writing project, that kind of writing could be called, "work writing" or "professional writing".

Those  online writing efforts are the "big, confusing, mix" that they are because I first discovered online writing years ago when I was unemployed and in need of doing something at least a little productive with my time.  I found a few "writing sites" that offered questions or ideas as subjects, and that invited writers to offer their own thoughts on the idea/subjects of their choice.  At the time I was doing some part-time freelance writing on assignment, so writing online was a nice way to get away from writing what someone else wanted me to write, and challenge myself with trying to come up with something.  From there, however, I sold a few pieces of writing or licenses for use and also began picking up a little extra income from sites/companies that focused on writing and had other payment structures.  So, over a few years my online writing efforts started to branch off from "just casual writing" into "in some cases, more serious writing".  Therein lies the root of where that "big, confusing, mix" aspect of my online writing began to take hold.

In any case, material that I've posted on this site is all under that category of "online writing done for myself".  Ordinarily, I wouldn't even post any of this stuff in one place on a site like this at all, but I have my own reasons - as both a writer and a person - for choosing to set up this particular site.  Either way, it is what it is, and what's here is here.