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It is the intent of the founding members of the Mettle Republic Motorcycle Club that the Mettle Republic motorcycle club shall always be a law abiding, family friendly, locally managed, and nationally aligned, Public Safety/Service oriented organization. The purpose of this Constitution is to define a just governance in which the power lies within the membership to govern and protect itself, to provide a balance of power that protects the rights of the governed, to define and protect those parts of our governance and bylaws that we deem sacred and unchangeable, and to provide for an unwavering vision and future for our club. As defined in this constitution, the governance described and the membership rights proscribed herein are considered the heart of our club and the right of every member. Future members may chose to add to the membership rights and amend the Bylaws, however the tenets of this constitution, specifically those of State Chapter sovereignty, due process for members and chapter, leadership positions as an elected service position, and the unwavering member controlled form of governance designed by the founding members are not allowed to be changed. In return for participating in a member centric structure, all members gain an understanding that the family first, God, country, service and fun credo of this club will never change.

Section One

The National leadership is comprised of the following: A National Cabinet which is a body of service oriented, elected or appointed, members who serve the membership at the will of the membership; a National Council made of one Member from each State Chapter forming the core concept of State driven national governance, and a Judicial Council of Sergeant at Arms tasked with fair and sage ruling on judicial issues. The National Cabinet serves in an executive/administrative role. The National Council serves in a legislative/decision making role. The Judicial Council serves in an adjudication role. All three branches work together in serving the members of the club to provide an administrative, regulatory, and judicial direction and a resource for the chapters.

Section Two

The State Chapters form the heart of the Club. They are the self governing, sovereign entity through which the membership provides feedback to, and control over, the National leadership. State Chapters are governed by a body of elected or appointed Officers, augmented by Member representation from Crew Chiefs. Through Member guidance to State Cabinet officials serving on the National Council, the State Chapters will always exert and maintain control of the National governance. All State Chapters will be required to comply with the Constitution, Bylaws and Policies of the Club affirmatively voted for by its Members.

Section Three

The Club governance described herein, and the powers, privileges, and oversight thereof, is fully explained within the Bylaws and the interpretations of the Member Handbook. While those Bylaws may be amendable by Member vote, this Constitution will never be changed. The form of government spelled out by this Constitution will never change. It is inherent to this Constitution that Members will always be guaranteed the right to control their governance, the right to due process and fair discipline, a right to equality among all Members regardless of position, the right to fairly elect officers through bi-annual elections or have a voice in their appointments, and the right to know that leadership positions are there as a service to the membership. This Constitution testifies as to what the Mettle Republic Motorcycle Club considers most important and inviolate, and it is a guarantee to all Members that there will always be dignity, righteousness, and respect within our ranks.