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The name METTLE REPUBLIC was a collaborative result of shared experiences of the founders
in their professional, personal, and MC lives’ experiences. 

We have, through experience, learned and survived the challenges in lives of all manner of
public servants - military, professional, and volunteer alike. 

Our METTLE as people, citizens, and bikers has been tested and re-tested by adversity and our
determination to continue is as strong as ever. We are still free and willing to defend our freedom.

While we are diverse in our membership, we share the common bond of PATRIOTISM in our Public Safety and
Public Service pursuits, our LOVE of MOTORCYCLING, and our DESIRE to share the best of both with everyone.

We chose the word REPUBLIC because the State Chapters are independent of one another. We are united in a
National Council whose mandate is to maintain national co-operation and support among the State Chapters. 

We chose to incorporate the PS CUBE because this club is founded by experienced bikers who come from the ranks
and supporters of the PUBLIC SAFETY AND PUBLIC SERVICE professions and occupations including the all-important VOLUNTEER. 

Among our ranks you will find Active and Veteran Military, Criminal Justice Professionals, Firefighters, 
Emergency Medical First Responders, all Public Safety and Service Volunteers and the Families and supporters of these endeavors.

The LION and ARMOR MASK Icon symbolizes our commitment to the higher standards required of a modern day motorcycle club
and the necessary fortitude to defend against detrimental outside influence and undue criticism.

We embrace the guiding principle of family inclusion and support as in the social structure of the Lions Pride. We recognize 
the noble stature of the lion among God's Servants and Subjects. The lion is our symbol.

We stand together, above the disagreement of petty politics, for the good of our club, and for the good of motorcycling.

In keeping with the METTLE REPUBLIC theme, THE LION symbolizes the necessary characteristics of any individual who is strong enough
 in mind, body, and character to WITHSTAND ADVERSITY and DO THE RIGHT THING. We are a motorcycle club that operates

SILVER-The lettering for the name METTLE REPUBLIC, the PS Cube, the MC Cube and the Lion's Head are all presented
 in SILVER. The SILVER indicates our intelligence and perseverance over time. We have survived the pitfalls of the MC club world
only to come back wiser and stronger and with a clearer vision of the type of club that we want to be.

BLACK-The back setting of BLACK for the letters is our way of paying respect to the memories of those no longer with us
and our statement that we recognize the serious nature of our professions and our commitment to Public Service.

The Red/Orange color is called PASSION, its color borders and accents our patches and symbolizes our passion for the MC life
and our wish to be recognized. We will aggressively pursue and establish our place as a socially responsible, law abiding, family oriented motorcycle club.

SUMMARY-We have adopted a bold and unique symbolism of the Silver, Black and Passion color scheme, combined with the noble social concept
of the Lions Pride to show that we are leaders in the new age of legitimate motorcycle clubs, whose purpose is to unite people through the love of motorcycling.

Wear these colors and people will know who you are.