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We are the Mettle Republic Motorcycle Club. Our members share the common trait of patriotism. We are citizens and soldiers who serve others in our professional and personal lives. We come from the ranks of the Military, Criminal Justice, Firefighter, Medical First Responder and Civilian Volunteer Communities. 

We are a law abiding, family oriented club which allows membership to spouses and adult children of members. We encourage our members to include as much of their family and friends as possible in our club activities. Our goal is to establish a sustainable club for future generations.

Our purpose is to promote and pursue the recreational and social aspects of motorcycling in a socially responsible manner and support our Public Service and Military organizations. 

We recognize the value of motorcycling activities which can benefit those who are less fortunate in our communities, and will so engage ourselves. 

We will promote the fellowship of motorcycling through club expansion, club activities, and interaction with other clubs and like-minded groups.

We will promote the quality of motorcycling through the recognition of safe and sound riding practices and the continued development of Riding and Safety Skills.

We will seek to support all legislation and public policy proposals that have the best interests of the motorcycling community and citizens in mind. We will further support all reasonable efforts to uphold the freedom and rights of motorcycle riders in the USA and in our home states.

We will use our collective energy or individual talents, when called upon, to assist those in need and to support those who are deserving. 

We will show no ill will or malice toward anyone.