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"It has been a joy to work with Michael Barnes. His ability to sort through the intricacies and depths of complex information is, at times, staggering. But Mike's true strengths lie in his ability to cross disciplines into information design and think creatively. He has been a huge asset to all of our projects."

>Jacki Sterner, Senior Designer, Imagesmith, Inc.

"Throughout his tenure with our organization, Michael excelled in his ability to adapt to new situations and better the people around him through superior teamwork, problem solving and communication skills. Mike was asked to lead the information architecture component of the largest project ever taken on by Imagesmith. In the end, both the client and a very nervous CEO were pleased because of Mike's steady, intelligent work. Mike's greatest strength is his ability to learn new things and improve himself and those around him through collaboration, education and learning from his past experiences. Mike has improved the processes of this organization. By understanding contextually how his work impacted others, he opened new lines of communication and collaboration, furthering the quality of the final product. The lessons he applied were then shared throughout the organization, improving product quality across the board."

>Erik Perotti,  User Experience Manager
*Former VP of Development, Imagesmith, Inc. and Supervisor
erik.perotti at surfcontrol dot com
(831) 426-4294

"Michael Barnes has been a invaluable asset to Imagesmith over the past two years. His project management and information architecture knowledge catapulted Imagesmith into a highly competitive and successful web services firm. His ethnographic and sociological approach to Information architecture has brought a new perspective into Imagesmith that has become invaluable to our process for successful projects."

>Scott Robinson, User Experience Designer, Oracle
*Former Information Architect Supervisor at Imagesmith, Inc.
Co-instructor for IA course
scott at orarian dot com; scott.robinson at oracle dot com
831-325-1905 (cell); 925-694-9230 (work)

"It was a pleasure to work with Mike. He's extremely responsive, reliable and hardworking. He can tackle complex projects and also manage the little details of a job. Above all, Mike is a wonderful human being and team player."

>Brant Smith, Producer
*Founder, chairperson and former CEO, Imagesmith, Inc.
brant at qualityoflife-themovie dot com

"Michael Barnes was employed as an information architect at Imagesmith, and during that time he continually pushed himself professionally. He was on the project team for some of the largest and most complex projects in the company portfolio. Mike maintains a high level of ownership in his projects and has the ability to perform many roles in a project engagement...he has been an outstanding employee who continues to embody and promote our culture of respect, direct communication, responsibility, and creativity. He will be a valuable addition to any team."

>Greg Paulson

*Former CEO, Imagesmith, Inc.
831-429-8955; 831-566-7237
gregp at portolanetworks dot com 

"Working with Mike has been extraordinary on both professional and personal levels. He is a superb communicator who is skilled at juggling multiple tasks with unusual calmness and clarity. Mike's ability to blend creative problem solving, focus, and conscientiousness into every project task sets the standard for his team. From my project management perspective, Mike is exactly the kind of team member who creates smooth sailing, successful projects."

>Jennifer Guy
*Former Senior Project Manager, Imagesmith, Inc.

I worked with Michael Barnes for 3 years as an information architect. Mike always thinks problems through and doesn’t implement knee-jerk solution. He loves to ask questions and gets the right people involved.  Mike is very dependable - extremely. He also invites collaboration by encouraging others to share their opinion. He’s very accurate and detail oriented with excellent verbal and presentation skills. He is very articulate.”

>Deborah Cox-Voisin, User Experience Design Consultant
*Former Information Architect Colleague at Imagesmith, Inc,
debcoxvoisin at yahoo dot com
831-251-8737 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"I had the privilege of working with Michael Barnes for four years. As Associate Director of Admissions Outreach at UC Santa Cruz, Mike was an astute leader with excellent project management skills. He is able to arrive at innovative solutions to business problems, then move a team of personnel through the steps that it takes to implement the solutions. I would recommend him for any public- or private-sector position."

>Jennifer Wright, Publications & Marketing Coordinator, UCSC
*Former direct report
jswright at ucsc dot edu
707-822-1755; 707-616-9896 (cell)

"Michael Barnes established a demonstrated record of accomplishment while working with the undergraduate Office of Admissions.  He proved to be a true leader in his capacity of Associate Director, earning the respect of those he supervised, as well as his colleagues.  He possesses the ability to conceptualize, implement, and evaluate programs, especially those that are web-based. Whether he is presenting to an audience in a large-group setting, or counseling one-on-one, Michael displays a natural talent for interpersonal communication, often involving extremely complex and technical information.  In overseeing the web presence for the Office of Admissions, Michael designed solutions to make our web sites easily accessible, well-organized, graphically pleasing, and most importantly, highly functional for the variety of users we encounter.  With his vision and commitment to excellence, Michael is the consummate professional, and I wholeheartedly support his future endeavors."

> Michael McCawley, Associate Director of Application Processing
*Colleague in previous position
mikemc  at ucsc dot edu
831-459-2457; 831-588-8549 (cell)

Michael Barnes and his associates at The Barnes Group provided top notch web development services and met our budget requirements.”

>William Perdue, CEO - NetEase, Inc.
bill.perdue at neteze dot com

Additional Character References

>Kevin Browne, Executive Director of Admissions and University Registrar *Most recent supervisor
kmbrowne at ucsc dot edu
831-459-5779; 831-212-1809 (cell)

>Jake O'Brien, Web Developer - UCSC
*Former Colleague
jake_obrien at yahoo dot com

>Wil Del Pilar, Regional Admissions Counselor/Recruiter - UCSC
*Former direct report

delpilar at ucsc dot edu
310-889-5704; 310-850-6834

>Elaine Rivas, Assistant Director of Admissions - UCSC
*Colleague in previous position

ejrivas at ucsc dot edu

>Alex Delgadillo, Campus Orientation and Tour Manager - UCSC
*Colleague in previous position

asdelgad at ucsc dot edu