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Wireframes identify the content, navigation, and functional components of a specific page, sub-section, or template. The goal of wireframing is simply to confirm what content goes where. Wireframing intentionally avoids elements of design, color, and formal layout in order to focus attention on content. Once this content mapping is complete, wireframes may be developed into higher fidelity prototypes that do include recommended layout and design elements. 

Wireframes serve a critical role in the development process because they confirm content and the context of navigation, copy, and functionality before design and production begins. Wireframes also provide an opportunity for user testing to confirm content placement decisions. Wireframing often reveals unexpected layout and content problems not initially identified by the development team. By confirming content placement, navigation structure, and page count, wireframing delivers a critical and cost saving step to the development process.

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> Extreme Networks 
Extreme Networks – a provider of network infrastructure equipment – hired Imagesmith, Inc to develop a corporate intranet. As the lead information architect on the project, I conducted onsite employee observations and interviews, developed the site architecture and prototypes, and worked with graphic designers to forge the application’s visual identity. While the company focused on its principle business of developing world-class switched-Ethernet technologies, I worked on an application designed to make their operations and collaboration more efficient.

The most complex component of the project was building a company-wide conference room reservation system (CRRS) that allows employees to reserve conference rooms in any of the company's worldwide locations for face-to-face or videoconference meetings.

Sample Wireframe Deliverables:
Extreme Networks Intranet Wireframe [PDF; 216 KB] 
CRRS Wireframe Overview [PDF; 996 KB]
Reservation Recurrence Models [PDF; 244 KB] 
Conference Room Selection [PDF; 236 KB]
Modify Existing Reservation [PDF; 248 KB]

> Acterna
Working in partnership with Ogilvy Interactive, I was hired to manage the information architecture of a new company that was in the final stages of a corporate merger. Acterna – a leader in broadband and optical test & measurement solutions – evolved from a merger between two leading companies in the industry (TTC and Wavetek Wandel Goltermann).

The biggest challenge of this project was completing a pre-merger content audit of both company’s web properties to identify overlapping and competing content. I then working with stakeholders to reconcile what existing and new content was to emerge in the new Acterna site. Acterna has since been acquired by JDS Uniphase.

Sample Wireframe Deliverables:
Acterna (dubbed “newco") Products Home page [PDF; 44KB]
Products by Product Line [PDF; 44KB] 
Product Detail Page [PDF; 44KB]

> Vivaldi Networks
Vivaldi – a start-up internet service designed to provide consumers with real time product availability in retail locations – required both a b2c and b2b application to bridge the product to the buyer. From this personalized web site, consumers could reorder products, register for warranties, apply for rebates, and receive special promotions from their favorite retailers. Vivaldi provided brick and mortar retailers the tools to better serve their customers by offering products and services tailored to meet individual consumer preferences and purchase histories.

Sample Wireframe Deliverable:
Vivaldi Purchase Flow [PDF; 44 KB]

>  UC Santa Cruz Admissions
During my tenure as the Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of California, Santa Cruz, I maintained a commitment to improving the campus’ web properties. I increased web traffic and improved office efficiencies through a number of web initiatives I sponsored and directed. In particular, the redesign of the admissions web site, a campus tour reservation system, and an internal outreach scheduling and contact management application all improved our operational effectiveness.

Unfortunately, I no longer possess the wireframes for these projects. However, I’ve included the url for the final, live sites and screenshots for the outreach scheduling and contact management application that is password protected.

UC Santa Cruz Undergraduate Admissions 
Admissions Site Before Redesign
Campus Tour Reservation System  

Screenshots of "The Outreach Planner" scheduling and contact management tool (PDF):

School Profile Page 
Administrator Interface
Outreach Calendar View Selector 
Calendar Results Display  
Materials Request/Fulfillment Form
Search Volunteers Interface