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Effective application blueprints and task flow diagrams must show more than static page hierarchy. Diagramming multiple user outcomes for complex functional interactions ensures that technical and functional specifications are aligned without ambiguity. Documenting if/then scenarios, error handling, and edge cases for intended user tasks provides the level of detail needed to bridge design and technical development. 

Site maps and use case diagrams are a critically important component of any interactive design process because they clarify the site’s organization and intended user outcomes. The process of site diagramming often reveals unexpected problems or unintended outcomes that may be remedied before it becomes cost prohibitive to do so.

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> McKinsie and Co. – McKinsie Mentor
In partnership with Ogilvy Interactive, I was charged with creating the site architecture for a new sub-site intended for the McKinsie & Co. web site. The McKinsie Mentor site was designed for recruiting new associates and maintaining contact with former associate alumni.

Sample Site Architecture Deliverable:
McKinsie Mentor Site Architecture [PDF; 176 KB]

> Extreme Networks  - Intranet

Extreme Networks – a provider of network infrastructure equipment – hired Imagesmith, Inc to develop a corporate intranet. As the lead information architect on the project, I conducted onsite employee observations and interviews, developed the site architecture and prototypes, and worked with graphic designers to forge the application’s visual identity. While the company focused on its principle business of developing world-class switched-Ethernet technologies, I worked on an application designed to make their operations and collaboration more efficient.

Sample Site Architecture Deliverable:
Extreme Networks Intranet Site Architecture [PDF; 140 KB]

> Vivaldi Networks
Vivaldi – a start-up internet service designed to provide consumers with real time product availability in retail locations – required both a b2c and b2b application to bridge products to buyers. From a personalized web site, consumers could order products, register for warranties, apply for rebates, and receive special promotions from their favorite retailers. I was hired to design the information architecture for both the consumer and retail sites. The company was acquired and is no longer in operation.

Sample Site Map Deliverable:
Vivaldi Site Architecture [PDF; 40 KB]

> WaiLAN Communications
WaiLAN Communications - a leading provider of broadband Internet access solutions for Multi-Tenant and Multi-Dwelling Facilities – hired Imagesmith Inc to reorganize and redesign their B2B web presence. As lead information architect on the project, I was responsible for completing a site-wide content inventory and reassigning content into a new site architecture I designed to produce the final site. The company was acquired and is no longer in operation.

Sample Site Architecture Deliverable:
WaiLAN Site Map [PDF; 16 KB]