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User experience professionals design interactive solutions that satisfy business, content, and customer goals. Occasionally, these goals compete with one another and must be reconciled. Ensuring that an organization’s interactive initiatives are aligned across multiple business and user goals is critical for web and mobile development. User experience strategy is best deployed in the initial scope and discovery phase of a project through discussions with project sponsors and stakeholders. Visual aids in the form of site architectures, page schematics, storyboards, and prototypes help to solve these problems and support strategy alignment.

My ability to see both big picture goals as well as the nuanced details of specific user interactions allows me to provide clients with a comprehensive IA strategy. Whether site goals are focused on search engine optimization, meeting section 508 accessibility standards, or reducing shopping cart abandonment, my information architect and user experience design strategy can help.

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> Extreme Networks
Extreme Networks – a provider of network infrastructure equipment – hired Imagesmith, Inc to develop a corporate intranet. As the lead information architect on the project, I conducted onsite employee observations and interviews, developed the site architecture and prototypes, and worked with graphic designers to forge the application’s visual identity. While the company focused on its principle business of developing world-class switched-Ethernet technologies, I led the development of an intranet  designed to make their operations and collaboration more efficient.

Sample Strategy Reports:

IA Strategy Report [PDF; 492 KB] 
Content Management Recommendations [PDF; 88 KB]

> NetEase, Inc. 
NetEase, Inc - a regional ISP in Northern California - was in desperate need of a complete site redesign and contracted with The Barnes Group to get the job done. As the lead consultant, I managed all phases of the project – account management, strategy, information architecture, creative, and production. The result was a much-improved visual design that supported an intuitive site architecture.  

A critical phase of this project was completing the competitive analysis and industry research needed to establish a new company identity, product line, and pricing strategy.

Sample Strategy Reports:
Development Strategy Report [PDF] 
Information Design Strategy [PDF]  

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