Michael Barnes < user experience designer >

Thank you for reviewing my portfolio.

I possess expertise in
user experience design, information architecture, and usability testing for web and mobile application development. I am a persuasive communicator adept at conveying ideas and creating consensus. I am a tireless user advocate.

My strengths are in organizing and designing information in contextually relevant formats. I possess strong logic and analytic skills as well as an obsessive attention to detail. I excel in rapid, iterative prototyping environments and can tolerate the ambiguity that this approach requires. The core tenets of my work are cross-functional collaboration, iterative prototyping, and the creative dexterity needed to take untraditional approaches to solve meaty design challenges.

While I’ve produced a variety of user experience deliverables, my work is strongest in the areas of interaction design, user research, and prototyping. I’ve included samples of my work from these areas to highlight my skills.

Site Architecture
IA Strategy

Information Architecture
Usability Testing
User Experience Design
Project Management