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  Next  Pindapata (Almsround) :   Date :  09.05.2009  (Saturday) 

           Time :  08.30 a.m.       



08 May 2009 (Friday)  -  Vesak Eve

 07.30 p.m.     Arrival of members and devotees

 08.00 p.m.     Buddha Puja (Pali Chanting)

 08.30 p.m.     Dhamma Talk

 09.00 p.m.     Offering of light

09 May 2009 (Saturday)  -  Vesak Day

   08.30 a.m.      Pindapatta (alms round) - Devotees  
                            offer food to the Venerable monks at Taman Sri Tebrau market area

   08.30 a.m.       Arrival of members and devotees  

   10.30 a.m.       Arrival of V.I.P.

                            YB Dr. Wee Ka Siong

                             Deputy Minister of Education, Malaysia.

    10.45 a.m.       Hoisting of our Malaysia & Johore flags

                              Singing the Negara-ku (My Country)

                              Hoisting of the Buddhist flag

                              Chanting the Jaya Mangala Gatha

    11.00 a.m.       Speech by ChairmanBro. Heng Chai Teet 

   11.10 a.m.        Speech by YB Dr. Wee Ka Sion  

    11.30 a.m.       Buddha Puja (Pali Chanting)

                             Dhamma Talk                                         

    12.30 p.m.       Vegetarian lunch for members and devotees

Brothers and Sisters in the Dhamma,


This is the time of the year for us to celebrate the thrice scared day of the full moon day of Vesak.  It commemorates the Birth of the Bodhisatta (Buddha-to-be), the Enlightenment (Buddhahood) and the Maha Parinibbana of the Buddha (passing away of His mortal body).


After forty-five (45) successful years of teaching, the Buddha left us His Noble Teaching (the Dhamma) and His Message of peace, harmony and equanimity amongst our kinsmen.  As all problems and sufferings originate from greed, hatred and delusion - the three roots of evil.– the Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path to eliminate  defilements and alleviate sufferings.  


Therefore, we must continue our practice to do good (wholesome deeds), avoid evil (keep the 5 precepts) and purify our minds (practise meditation) every now and then.  We ought to strive in earnest determination to follow the Buddha’s advice in our daily lives.  Just be mindful in whatever we do.  It is definitely not once a year on Vesak Day.  How many  Vesak Days do we have?  The Buddha advised that we ourselves must walk the path because Buddhas merely show the way.  Remember, prayers and chants will not bring us to Nibbana, but realization of the Buddha’s Dhamma will.  What is this Buddha’s Dhamma?     


“This Dhamma is  for one of few wants, not for one of many wants;  for the contented, not for the    discontented;

  for the withdrawn, not for those delighting in company;

  for the energetic, not for the lazy;

  for one of established mindfulness, not for one of lax mindfulness;

  for one of concentrated mind, not for one who is not concentrated;

  for one who has wisdom, not for one lacking wisdom;

  for one who delights in non conceptual-proliferation, not for one who

  delights in conceptual proliferation.” - Anguttara Nikaya IV 277.30


Happy Vesak.

May you and your family be blessed with best of health, happiness, peace and wisdom.


With Metta.


Vesak (Vesakha in Pali) is the name of the lunar month that falls between April and May.  It is the most sacred day to the Buddhists.


In the year 623 B.C., on a Vesak Full Moon day, the Bodhisatta (Buddha-to-be) was born as Prince Siddhattha in Lumbini Park, at Kapilavatthu, on the Indian borders of modern Nepal.  His father was King Suddhodana and his mother was Queen Maha Maya.


At the age of twenty-nine, the Bodhisatta (Buddha-to-be) realized the fleeting nature of life and the vanity of material pleasures.  He left his uncongenial palace in search of truth and peace.  In the year 588 B.C., after a struggle of six strenuous years, on a Vesak Full Moon day, unaided and unguided by any supernatural power, but solely relying on his own efforts and wisdom, He attained Perfect Enlightenment – Samma Sambodhi – at the foot of the famous Bodhi Tree at Buddhagaya.  Thereafter, He was known as the Buddha Gotama.


Having successfully completed His forty-five years of  Noble Mission, in His eightieth year, He entered Maha Parinibbana (passing away of  His mortal body) on a couch between two sala trees at Kusinara, on a Vesak Full Moon day.  That was in the year 543 B.C., precisely 2553 years ago.


As a man, he was born, as an extraordinary man He lived, and as a Buddha He passed away.


Buddhists from all over the world celebrate this thrice sacred Buddhist day with due religious fervour.


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                                                                 Offering Of Food To The Venerable



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