Keila MTBO Mixed Relay

5th stage of MTBO sries 2012

Keila MTBO Mixed relay

Time: Sunday, October 14th, 2012
Place: Keila, Eventcenter is Keila Terviserajad (Keila recreational area)
Schedual: First start at 1 p.m. Mass-start by classes

Classes: 14,18,21, 80, 110 and O. In 14 children born 1998 and after, in 18 youth born 1994-1997. In classes 80 and 110 the altogether age of participants must be accordingly 80 years and 110 years. The age of participants are based on year of birth. In all classes mentioned above one team member is male and other female.
O-class two-leg ”one-man relay”. There are no age nor sex restriction for participating in O-Class.

Event is MTBO relay for two-memberd mixed teams – on member is male and other femal. Each of competitors will have to complete two legs. One member comlpeting legs 1 and 3, and another legs 2 and 4.
Planned winning time for winning team is 60-70 min.

Punchin system: In all classs SportIdent. There is possibility to rent the Si chip from organizers for a fee of 1,5 €.
Till october 7th 2012 in internet registration center or by e-mail
In registration there should be names and year of birth of competitors aswell number of Si chips (or need for rental chip). Racing order must be informed by noon at october 13th 2012.
Entry fee should be paid to the organizers bank account in Swedbank. For foreign participant there is possibility to pay fee in event center, in case they have announced the wish to do so beforehand.
Late registration: In case of vacancies up to 1 hour before first start for dubble fee
Entry fees:
14 - 6€ per team
18 - 6€ per team
21, 80 and 110 - 18€ per team
O - 5€

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