Rights and Responsibilities in Youth Sports


(copied from the Missouri State ASA website with updates incorporated)

(Rights are what you can expect to happen)

Everyone in youth sports has rights and responsibilities and they include...

Coaches Rights:

-To have support from the league

-To know what is expected of him/her

-To have a fair complaint procedure

-To have ample opportunities for training

Coaches Responsibilities:

-To get needed training to include an ASA/ACE background check

(Note: ASA/ACE background checks required for championship play)

-To understand your role and influence as a coach

-To abide by a code of ethics

-To be an advocate of the program's philosophy

-To set expectations for the season

-To look at the special needs of each athlete

-To limit physical interaction while conducting instructions

-To provide appropriate and caring touch

-To never touch out of anger

-To keep games free from put-downs, trash talk and profanity

-To motivate with praise and specific instruction

-To not use physical punishment

-To learn effective ways to channel frustrations and anger

-To communicate respectfully to parents, athletes, officials

-To provide a safe and fun environment and administrators

Parents Rights:

-To a safe and fun experience for your child

-To be part of a quality program

-To know about the complaint procedure

-To be protected from revenge if a complaint is filed

-To have accurate and comprehensive information

Parents Responsibilities:

-To have a part in the supervision of the child

-To bring forward valid complaints

-To be a good spectator

-To educate your child about abuse

-To help each child find the right sport and program for her needs

-To assess the philosophy of the coach and organization to make sure it matches your child's needs

-To provide each child with the physical and emotional nurturing and guidance they need to thrive

-To be an advocate for each of your children and support each child

-To equally support your sons and daughters as athletes

-To create a safe and fun environment

-To understand that all children are gifted but not in equal ways

-To support the individual needs and interests of children

-To provide unconditional love and support, not based on performance

-To pay attention to see if your child is having fun, learning and improving as opposed to just winning

Young Athletes Rights:

-To have sports be a safe experience, free from abuse and violence

-To have FUN learning, trying new things and being able to practice and play

-To participate in a variety of youth sports opportunities

Young Athletes Responsibilities:

-To follow rules

-To try our hardest and best

-To tell parents about abuse

-To learn ways to deal with pressure

-To learn the values in good teamwork, helping and supporting one another

-To care about what happens to others

-To treat officials and coaches with respect

-To settle conflicts without saying or doing things that hurt others

-To treat others as you want to be treated

-To be a good sport

-To let your parents and coach know what you need

Fans and Spectators Rights:

-To be free from abuse

-To enjoy the fun and entertainment of being a spectator at a sporting event

Fans and Spectators Responsibilities:

-To behave in a non-abusive manner

-To address others who are behaving abusively or inappropriately

-To let someone in a position of authority know about abusive behaviors

-To adhere to drug-free standards at all youth sporting events

Thanks to the original author for providing the framework for this document as exists today

(Original document copied from the Missouri State ASA website)