JO (Junior Olympic) Program


(from the National Website:

1. USA Softball is the National Governing Body (NGB) of the sport of Softball in the United States.

USA Softball is the ONLY softball association recognized by the United States Olympic Committee.

2. USA Softball is a Not-For-Profit 501 C3 Organization and is comprised of 74 Local Associations across the country.


3. USA Softball provides affordable recreation for men and women ages 8 to 80!

4. USA Softball provides affordable insurance through Bollinger Insurance to its athletes, coaches, field owners and umpires.

5. USA Softball provides the best Coaching Certification program called ACE (Achieve, Certify, Educate) where coaches of all levels gain expert training opportunities every year. USA Softball also provides background checks on ALL coaches who are involved in championship play.

6. USA Softball offers softball at ALL LEVELS: Recreational, League, Tournament, National Championships, International.

7. USA Softball is known for having the most knowledgeable and trained umpires in the country.

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8. USA Softball is the BEST OF THE BEST in competition and crowns TRUE champions who have to qualify and earn berths to become National Champions.

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9. USA Softball has been the leader in the industry to protect the integrity of the sport. Each year, USA Softball's equipment testing and specifications committee examines the current rules and specification governing various items of equipment.

10. USA Softball is Where CHAMPIONS PLAY!

Some local softball clubs playing USA Softball:

St. Louis Esprit

Worth Prospects

St. Louis Chaos

St. Louis Diamond Cats

Missouri Warcats

Missouri Fury

St. Peters Royals

St. Louis Gamers

StL Fusion

Illinois Esprit

Black Widows

StL Nemesis

St. Louis Stix

Rawlings Tigers

St. Louis Stingers

St. Louis Heat

St. Louis Extreme Elite

This is in no way an all inclusive list of local clubs. If you'd like to have your club listed, please feel free to contact me at

Junior Olympic Age Qualifications -

Players of younger age classification may play in older age classifications, but an older age classification player may not play in the younger age classification.

Once a player participates in an intercollegiate softball program for a university, college, or junior/community college, she is ineligible to play in the Junior Olympic Gold or Class B programs.

A Junior Olympic (Youth) Player who competes with a team in championship play will NOT be eligible as a pick-up player in a lower age group, even though by code he or she would have been eligible for a lower age group

Note: These age requirements apply to USA Softball Championship Play. Leagues may adopt their own age requirements.