We are planning a full schedule of USA Softball Tournaments for the Metro St. Louis area in 2021. Check our calendar below or Tournament USA Softball for details.

COVID-19 Update (March 3, 2021)

Current Youth Sports Guidelines for St. Louis County, MO


  1. Softball is considered a "moderate frequency of contact"

  2. Due to ongoing widespread community transmission of COVID-19, it is recommended that persons who are not essential for athletic activity operations including Spectators, volunteers, parents/guardians, or non-essential visitors, not be allowed. At most, each athlete shall be allowed two Spectators to observe gameplay; however, they must comply with St. Louis County’s face covering and social/physical distancing requirements. The athletic leaders are responsible for limiting and controlling the number of Spectators to enforce the social distancing restrictions.

  3. Players and officials MUST wear a face covering, including during, games, practices and while training if done indoors. If the practice or game is outside, the player is not required to wear a face covering while engaging in vigorous physical activity.

  4. Coaches MUST wear mask/face coverings at all times.

  5. Every individual, including coaches, MUST be screened every day that such individual participates in youth sports.

  6. All Spectators may be subject to screening and temperature checks.

  7. To the extent people are present, including Spectators, their identity and contact information should be known for contact tracing purposes.

  8. Organizations, teams, coaches, and parents MUST, in accordance with DPH orders, cooperate and assist in contact tracing, including maintaining a list of players, Spectators and others attending practices and events.


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