Of the Region
  • Metro Region has one Superintendent and composes 2 Districts, Metro North and Metro South.
  • Each District has a Lay Leader and Director of Lay Servant Ministries.
  • The 100 churches in the Region are organized into 15 Circuits
    (connected by by colored lines in the map below).
  • Pastors are concurrently appointed to a church(es) and a Circuit.
  • One Pastor is appointed the leader of each circuit.
  • Some Circuits have a Lay Council, each with their own organization and purpose.
Of the Lay Servant Ministries Program
  • Lay Servant Ministries in the two Districts operate as single, unified program with Co-Directors.
  • By Discipline (as implemented by the Conference), each District has a Committee on Lay
    Servant Ministries comprised of the Superintendent, the Lay Leader, and the Director of Lay
    Servant Ministries. In the Metro Region, the two committees are combined to implement unified
    operation. The Committee may include others.
  • Within the Lay Servant Ministries Program, the Circuit structure is used to organize communication.
  • Each Circuit has assigned to it a Lay Servant Ministries Advocate who is responsible for the program
    within the circuit, reporting to the Directors.
  • Circuit Advocates may delegate and organize as necessary.
  • Some churches have Advocates subordinate to the Circuit Advocate.
    If a church has not elected a Church Advocate, the Circuit Advocate may assign one or more.
  • Within the Lay Servant Ministries Program, Circuits are organized into Areas for the purpose of
    informal cooperation in education and ministry (same color adjacent polygon in the map below).
    Such cooperation is not necessarily exclusive within an Area.
    Areas are to support ministry and education , not impede it.

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