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Metro Lay Servant Ministries Convocation, June 2, 2013

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Introduction Letter - October 6 2012 - MUST READ

Greetings and Blessings, Lay Servants of the Metro Region (cc: Clergy and Church Secretaries),

Good News

The 2012 General Conference of The United Methodist Church has made sweeping change to Lay Speaking Ministries. These changes will have little effect on us in the Metro Region. For the most part, the changes set policies and practices we have followed since 2009. One addition is the expansion of requirements for lay preachers. Many of you who preach already meet most of these requirements – a sign of good stewardship of your gifts.

Expected Fruit

We accomplished much in the last quadrennium – were even singled out as leading our denomination. Much is expected of us in the next. So, we need to grow the disciples of Jesus that God has planted in Metro. To do this, we must encourage and support good stewardship of our spiritual gifts. By cultivating our gifts through education and investing them through ministry, we will bear substantial fruit. We will grow closer to God. We will make disciples of Jesus Christ. We will transform the world. We will do this as individuals and communities.

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Your servant in Christ,

Rex Nelson

Co-Director of Lay Servant Ministries (Administration)
Metro Region
Wisconsin UMC

6891 N 60TH ST APT 101
MILWAUKEE WI 53223-5223

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