Low Vision Exam

The low vision examination is a functional assessment and addresses the following questions: 

How is an individual functioning in his or her daily life?

What are his or her visual needs?

What goals does she or he have?

How can we help the individual to reach his or her goals?

In addition to taking a thorough case history, Dr. Jennifer Salvo, an optometrist and low vision specialist, measures various aspects of her patients' vision. She performs a refraction to determine whether new glasses or a stronger reading prescription will provide an improvement in vision. (Please keep in mind that a new glasses prescription cannot restore vision lost due to damage from an eye condition.) Dr. Salvo then assesses and prescribes appropriate low vision devices to help patients meet their goals and may recommend training with a vision rehabilitation therapist.

Patients should always return to their regular eye care providers and/or specialists for scheduled follow-ups and annual exams.